What Twitter’s Buyout of Madbits Means for Your Online Brand

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Twitter has been on a roll recently. Twitter stock actually spiked when it was reported that their earnings improved. As you probably already know, Twitter is one of the hottest stocks on the stock market because a lot of people are excited about social media websites. If you don’t believe me, just look at the stock price of Facebook. Facebook launched on the stock market at a price of around $38 per share and negative press here and there saw that then drop to $20 after just 68 days…  

But today, Facebook shares are looking incredibly strong at over $72 per share (as of 6th August – NasDaq). Imagine 10,000 shares at $20 and around a year later, that $20,000 investment is now looking like $72,000… Could be worse, right?

Put it this way social media stocks are very hot. This is why it’s quite interesting that Twitter used some of that Wall Street play money by buying companies. One of the companies that it bought out recently was Madbits. Madbits help you find pictures on social media websites. This is a very strategic acquisition on Twitter’s part because searching for pictures on Twitter is quite problematic. For Twitter to become profitable, it really has to monetize all the content that is being shared on its platform. By leaving pictures on the table, it’s walking away from a decent chunk of income.

As you probably already know, investors are always asking Twitter to justify why it’s worth billions of dollars. This is a company that isn’t really making that much money compared to other businesses. This is why Twitter is under a lot of pressure to turn a profit and make as much money as possible from all the many different aspects of social networking that make up Twitter. One of these potential profit avenues is the huge amount of pictures being shared on Twitter every single day.

This is great news for your online brand if you’re trying to generate traffic and authority and credibility through your Twitter social media account. You should be excited about Twitter’s buyout of Madbits. Here are the reasons why:

Twitter Branding is More Powerful with Pictures

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can post as many different links on Twitter as possible, but they don’t really have the same affect as a well posted picture. Human beings are graphical creatures. We like to look at pictures. We think pictures mean a lot more than they really do. Our attention tends to be centered when we look at pictures. This is why it’s really one of the best practices on Twitter marketing to always include a picture with your post.

People who succeed with Twitter influence marketing stand out from the competition when they use pictures with their posts. The reason for this is because everybody else is just posting links and text. If you are that one person that posts high-quality content in your niche but make a point of including a relevant picture, you will stand out from your competition. This is important when it comes to reaching out to influence leaders on social media, but it is also important from a branding perspective.

Your Logo is a Key Embodiment of your Online Brand

When you share pictures, it’s always a good idea to put your logo on it. Why? Your logo is a key embodiment of your online brand. Your logo is supposed to communicate in graphical terms the values that your company champions. If you don’t get how this works, if you don’t understand the necessity of brand values, then you’re playing the game wrong. Chances are quite high that you’re basically settling for a few cents on the dollar. If you want to truly make money online, you need to build a solid brand. Posting pictures on Twitter that have your logo is definitely a solid step in the right direction.

With Madbits, it is Easier to Find Brands to Engage with

The great thing about the Madbits acquisition is that when this technology is incorporated into Twitter, it would be easier then for people looking to brand through pictures and logos to find their target audience. In a very real sense, if Twitter incorporates Madbits correctly, you can maximize logo branding on Twitter using Twitters’ picture search capabilities. You can even maximize the amount of push your logo has by sharing relevant pictures with your logo.

Maximize Logo Branding with Selective Content Pairing

Of course, you shouldn’t just take random pictures and share them with your logo. You have to put your logo branded pictures with content that really makes you stand apart. This means that the links that you share should be based on rarity. It shouldn’t just be based on relevance. You should be posting relevant stuff any ways. That should be a no-brainer. That should be automatic. However, you need to pick based on rarity because this makes you stand out from your competition. You also need pick content based on the level of engagement of that content. When people look at your content, and they are personally engaged, you stand out from your competition, and you increase your chances of thoroughly influencing that niche leader.

Maximize Logo Branding with Influence Leader Engagement

Now that you have posted high-quality content with pictures with your logo on it, you need to take things to a higher level. Engage influenced leaders in your niche. If you’re on Twitter for example, make it a point to ask them questions, challenge them, get their opinion. When you’re doing this, try to share as much of your logo branded pictures as possible. Of course, you shouldn’t share randomly. You should share based on the topic of the discussion. You should share based on the relevance of the picture to the discussion. The key here is to get your logo in front of the right eyeballs all the time. If you do this enough times, then they would become more aware of your logo and your brand, and at the end, trust you. The key to building trust is first get people to feel that they know you. Once they know you, they’ll take a liking to you. Once they like you, they will trust you. That’s how it works.

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