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If you are worried about your SEO footprint, you might want to be more creative in regards to where you find your backlinks. The reality is that as Google evolves and has become harder and harder to make a dent on search engine results with cheap links, by cheap links, I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about links that you get if you just fill out a form and without any editorial control, get a link back. At the very least, these include forum profiles, web 2.0 profiles, and other forum-driven link sources. Taking things to a different level, cheap links can be also be had from a guest post. If you write a guest post on a blog that doesn’t really care whether you know what you are talking about and publishes your post almost automatically, you are engaged in cheap backlink building. Make no mistake about it. Cheap backlinks are probably no longer going to have as much of a positive impact on your search engine rankings unlike they did in the past.

You need to be more creative, you need to be more resourceful and most importantly, you need to work harder than your competition. One of the most interesting ways to get a high value backlinks is through Facebook groups.

Why Facebook Groups Work?

Why Facebook groups work as a backlink source? Facebook groups are interest groups created by users on Facebook. These interest groups focus on a specific category of information or niches. This niche-specific approach is why Facebook groups might be a great source for backlinks. Consider Facebook groups as really an editorial pool. These are a pool of volunteer editors that look for content links from all over the Internet and share it within a specific content area. Depending on how much of an expert these people are, you can pick out backlinks that have, you can pick out groups that run by bloggers that know a niche quite well.

Where is the Payoff?

Well, by joining Facebook groups run by niche-specific bloggers or niche-specific blogging communities, you get on the inside track with these bloggers, you develop a level of the influence with them where you can then later on reach out. During your outreach, you can benefit through guest blogging opportunities, direct link opportunities and other forms of link alliances that can benefit you in many ways. Not only do you get a pop, but you can also get traffic. Here are just the most common steps you need to follow to use a Facebook group to get more high quality backlinks for your website, high quality backlinks for your SEO initiatives.

Step 1: Find FB Groups in your Niche

Regardless of what niche you are in, there is sure to be a Facebook group that focuses on that niche. Now if you can’t find it, you’re not just looking hard enough. In many cases, there might not be a specific Facebook group for your niche but there might be a subgroup within that group or a subsection within that group that caters to your needs specifically, you just need to keep looking harder.

Step 2: Filter Your List Based on Groups Operated by Bloggers

Not all the groups that you have retrieved will be operated by bloggers. Since you are looking to build backlinks, you’re going to use only groups that either cater to bloggers or is operated by a blogger. Get rid of the groups that are operated by people without a website or people without a blog.

Step 3: Filter Associated Blogs Based on Domain Authority or Page Rank

Now that you have a list of blogger-operated groups or groups associated with bloggers, the next step is to get a list of the URLs or domain names of all those blogs, create an extensive list, the longer the better. Next, feed that your list of domain names to will give you a domain authority, a ranking for these domains, also, you could use a wide variety of page rank checkers that you can find online. The whole point of this exercise is to filter your list of blogs and groups based on domain authority. You don’t want to waste your time and energy on Facebook groups that are associated with low quality blogs. These are blogs that have low domain authority. Now, this way, you get a higher return on an effort by focusing on high quality blogs in your niche.

Step 4: Join the Groups and Contribute Quality Content

The next step is really so basic. It almost doesn’t need an explanation. You need to join the groups and you need to contribute. Of course joining many Facebook groups is not automatic, since the group moderator or owner needs to approve you. Once you are in, you need to make sure that you contribute quality content. This means you need to strip out quality posts from the blogs on your list and share that with the groups, the higher the quality of your contributions, the more credible you are. You need to achieve a high level of credibility. At the very least, this tells the blogger operating the group that you know what you’re talking about. Once you get their attention and once you are on the radar with them, then you can move on to the next stage, move on to the next step of this backlink building strategy.

Step 5: Engage with the Blogger who Runs the Group

After you’ve shared your content for quite some time, you need to step it up a notch. At this stage, you need to actively engage the person who actually moderates and runs the group. You can engage that person in many ways, you can comment, you can send messages. Either way, get on their radar, show them and demonstrate your level of expertise. You can even challenge them, if they posted inaccurate information, share updated or correct information. Regardless, you cannot come off fast and know with all, you cannot come off as somebody that has some blown hard that your knowledge over instead you have to adopt the persona that you are there to help and you are there to contribute. In other words, project the persona that you are a team player.

Step 6: Reach out Regarding your Top Notch Content

At this stage of the game you could have watched, if you don’t have this content, you need to go back to step 5 or earlier steps, only implement step 6 once you are confident that you are really high quality top notch content. This is content that is much better than the other credible and authoritative content that you’ve been sharing with your Facebook groups otherwise this step is not going to work. Now this is extremely important because your top notch content is what you’re going to pitch to these bloggers to link to or to use as a resource.

Best Practices

Regardless if you need to make an effort, it’s so easy to waste your time on the Internet. It’s so easy to focus on the 80% and the important to not focus on massive numbers, focus instead on quality. Find a lot of traffics you look for. Remember, you are looking to build relationships so you can build quality backlinks to success. You need to constantly participate in this and once you get the backlink you leave. You have to remember these groups are not only give you up at your niche. I’m an expert in your niche, they also form an information base, these people are sharing high quality information and you can use this, your membership in these groups to get the level of knowledge you need to truly develop your expertise.

Finally, you should have focused so much on the draw numbers or the huge membership numbers of these groups. Some groups may have only a small amount of members, but they may have a high level of influence. Don’t let the numbers fool you, instead focus on building quality relationships and focus on building a solid brand in your niche.

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