Are Upload Websites Worth Building Links On?

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One of the core ideas that I have been trying to hammer home through this blog and in so many posts is that the internet is filled with traffic opportunities. In the case of SEO alone, there are so many websites that you can use to build quality traffic on. One key category of these websites is document upload website such as Scribd

It is understandable that after Google Penguin, there has been a general reluctance, on the part of the greater global SEO community, regarding link-building. As I have mentioned earlier, it is a bad idea to “build links.” Ideally, your content should earn or attract links to your website. This is in keeping with Google’s general quality guidelines. According to Google, if you fill your website with high-quality, relevant content, other websites would link naturally link to you based on the strength of your content quality.

While I’m not arguing with the overall appreciation for quality and the extreme importance placed on the value of quality content, I do call into question the practicality of this philosophy. If you are going to build ìnatural linksî to your website following Google strictly, you are probably going to wait a long time. In many cases, you are probably going to wait forever, because you are just not going to get that many quality backlinks without any outreach efforts on your part. You have to do something extra.

In this case, using upload websites in a very strategic and methodical way can help you increase the value of your back link footprint. Will generating links on upload websites put you over the top? Will it make you number one in your niche? Absolutely not. Just like with all SEO practices after Google Penguin, link diversity is extremely important. If Google notices that all your back links come from a specific type of website, you’re in trouble. This is by no means a natural backlink footprint.

I’m offering this information as a way of helping your diversify your backlink footprint. In other words, I’m offering this information to help you build a more natural footprint, asset-based for your website. However, by no means should you restrict yourself to backlinks created through document-upload sites.

Distinguishing Bad Backlinks from Good Backlinks

There are many ways you can play with document upload websites. There are some document upload sites that will allow you to build anchor text links. Anchor text links, as you probably already know, are customized text descriptions of your link. Many SEO abuse this system by basically using their keywords as their anchors. Bad idea. Thanks to Google Penguin, this type of link is under heavy suspicion. Google is quite skeptical of websites with a heavy percentage of direct anchor links, especially if these anchor links are “money keywords.” In other words, these are your actual keyword targets to get the best converting traffic from search engines. Steer clear of direct anchors using your “money keywords.” Instead, use document upload sites to generate direct links. These are links that go directly to your URL. There is no anchor. These links are naked URL links.

Another type of links you can use to use document upload sites to build is brand links. These are not keyword links, but actually link to the name of your website. Brand links are fine up to a certain point. You shouldn’t overdo it. While Google is on the record as saying that there is a heavy emphasis on brands in their search engine algorithm, there is a limit to this. By going overboard with brand building, you might catch a penalty. It is better to devote the vast bulk of your links to direct links, with some going to brand links, and a much smaller number going to keyword anchors.

Focus on Relevant Content as Always

Since you can quite easily build backlinks using document upload sites, you have to use your best judgment. You can’t just upload garage content; you are basically blowing the opportunity to get much in return from document upload sites than just SEO backlinks. They offer much more.

Focus on relevant content. Focus on content that people on your niche would actually want to read. It’s very easy to generate such content. You can hire a writer or fiverr. You can write short reports on your own, and you can even repackage stuff that’s already published on your website and save it in PDF format. Regardless, you need to use highly-relevant content; otherwise, you are missing out on a great direct traffic opportunity.

Focus on Branding

When you upload your digital content in the form of a special report or an e-book, make sure that you emphasize your brand. Your brand is your most precious asset. If you just put generic content out there, it doesn’t lead back to your brand. You’re missing out on a great opportunity. The whole point is to build a brand that is so trusted that it basically functions as a magnet for online traffic.

Upload Content that Could Go Viral

Believe it or not, there are many people in your niche who are always looking for high-quality content that they can share with other people who are interested in that niche. This is why you have to share only content that is very relevant and must add solid value to the lives of people downloading it.

Use this simple test. Ask yourself: if you were in the shoes of your target audience member, is this e-book or special report worth the download? If the answer is yes, upload it. If it isn’t, keep working on that content until it is worth somebody’s time.

Always Focus on Return on Effort

It’s very easy to get lost in the process of simply uploading reports and e-books all over the place. In fact, there are so many document upload sites that you can target. There are, at last count, over fifty websites. Not all of them are worth uploading to. You have to remember that you have to get a good return on effort. What’s the point of wasting your time, effort, and energy when you can get a better return doing something else? This is why I always recommend that when you are generating links through upload sites, audio sites, or any other type of website that will give you a direct link back, you need to focus on page rank of domain authority. Make a short list of websites that have high enough page rank and domain authority, to make it worth your while to compile specialized content to upload to those websites.

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