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As you know, blogging is an important tool for building traffic as part of your content marketing strategy. If you get it right you have guaranteed traffic that will build over time into an incredibly responsive and engaged customer base through social sharing and SEO as well as building up a reputation. But there are still reasons that people give regarding why they do not want to blog or cannot blog. In this post we will look at a few reasons that people offer when they are accused of not maintaining their blog and make you realise just how poor these excuses are. If you own a business you must maintain your blog, there are no two ways about it.

Take a look at the following reasons and some of the responses we offer, to reassure yourself as to the value of your blog and also why you should be maintaining it. Many people think they don’t want to blog because it is too personal. They have to show opinions and develop their own voice. This, they believe, leaves them open to criticism, and also on top of that, possible hatred from people who just don’t like what you’re saying or disagree.

This is all true, and you will get people who will be against what you say and maybe develop hatred for you and your voice (although hatred may be a word too strong in this case but you know what some people can be like). The other side of the coin is better though. You may find that you develop a huge amount of loyalty, with people that like your voice and the opinions that you offer. You can also look at it from the view point that a bit of controversy starts discussions and starting discussions gets visitors to interact with you, your blog and others.

This is entirely possible, but it only happens if you have got a steady stream of blogging underway.

Staying True to your Voice

The more you stay true to what you believe in and the more consistent you are in what you’re saying, the more people will try and engage with you and get involved with your work.

You may also feel that you have nothing new or original to say. This is particularly true in certain industries, where there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there who have written about the topic you want to write about (marketing for example is saturated with blogs).

However, even though there are not many original ideas out there any more, there are many different ways of saying what you have to say. The more you develop your own voice and your own tone and style, the more you will develop originality. It is not about the content as such, but more about how it is delivered.

If you feel that there are too many bloggers in your particular industry and that this is too competitive take a step back and realise the truth. The fact that there are lots of bloggers in your industry means that your industry needs lots of advice. Don’t put blogging off because others a doing it… There’s a reason they’re doing it after all?

People want to find fresh areas on the Internet where they can find advice about your industry. So you need to step into the frame and develop a voice and a catalogue of content so that people will come to you when they need that information.

So there are a few issues around blogging and our responses to them. Blogging brings traffic and authority, so if you are making excuses like those found in this post, step back and wake up. You need to write a blog if you run a business, and there is simply no way around this.

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