Top Three Warrior Forum Member Mindsets That Lead To Failure

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Just like many online entrepreneurs, I have this love-hate relationship with online marketing forums. Of course, among these forums, one of the biggest is the Warrior Forum. There are other internet marketing forums out there but one of the multi-million dollar players on the market is, like it or not, the Warrior Forum. I have a real love-hate relationship with it.

On the one hand, there’s a lot of information there. This is specially true if you join the war room. This is specially true if you are looking to buy information products from the Warrior’s special offer sub forum. With that said, there is also a general forum and it seems that it can easily be a waste of time. It seems that there is a lot of people there that are asking the same question again and again. Also, it seems that the people answering those questions do not really think through their answers.

In many cases, people are simply recycling stuff that they heard elsewhere. As you can probably tell, based on the description above, it can easily be very frustrating and discouraging to read internet forums for advise. With that being said, one of the most annoying things about internet marketing forums in general, is when people talk about how desperate they are. When people post threads about the fact that they are not making any money or they are venting their frustrations, it can really get on your nerves.

“I need to make $1,000 in 12 days QUICK! HELP ME!!”

The reason that it gets on my nerves is not because I do not sympathize with these people. Believe me, I have been in their shoes. What really frustrates me is the fact that people would resort too easily to complaining and whining rather than actually paying attention to what they are doing and finding a solution. Or the fact that they see internet marketing as a way to make a ‘quick buck’ giving the whole industry a bad name. I can attest to the fact that it is only after I have gotten my act together and really paid attention to what I am doing, instead of complaining or blaming other people and circumstances, that things started to turn around for me, as far as making money online is concerned.

If you find yourself stuck, if you find yourself frustrated with the prospect of making money with affiliate marketing, keep the following mindsets in mind. The source of your problem might be closer than you think. The good news is that, the source of the solution might be closer than you think as well. Here are just the three of the most common affiliate marketing forum member mindsets, that I see, that contributes to failure to make money online.

Shiny Object Syndrome

This syndrome is frequently discussed on Warrior Forum and other online marketing forums. The problem with this syndrome is that, people use it too easily. They are quick to blame it, when in many cases it does not even apply. It has a specific definition, it has a specific application to certain circumstances and it has a specific solution.

What is it?

The shiny object syndrome is when you buy a product because you get excited about the sales page for that product. You read the product and you are about to implement the tips that you got from the e-book or you have started, and all of a sudden you find another product that is even more engaging and you drop everything and buy that product. You keep going through this process and you really never ever truly get started, or take what you have started to its logical conclusion. As a result, you do not make any money. It’s all about a distinct lack of focus.

Why Does it Lead to Failure?

The main reason why the shiny object syndrome leads to failure is because it keeps throwing you off from what you need to do. Make no mistake about it. Trying to make money online is a business. It is all about paying attention to what you are doing, mastering what you are doing and sticking with it over the long haul. You can not do this, obviously, if you keep jumping from one shiny object or one hot money making technique to the other. This is great for people who sell you make money online information products, but people who suffer from this really fail because they keep spending all these money and they have very little to show for it.

How can this be Fixed?

To fix shiny object syndrome, you only need to do one thing, buy one product, stick with that product, make a to do list everyday with that product, and execute that to do list. Keep doing this again and again. Also, give yourself permission to make changes to the plan and tweak the implementation so that it fits your actual situation. Measure your results and keep tweaking and making modifications until you get the results that the e-book promises. If within a month, two months, the technique fails to yield the promised income, you can get a refund. Only at this stage should you switch to another shiny object or online money making technique. Give whatever product you bought enough time and space to work out. If it does not work out it is a fraud or it does not fit your particular situation and you you diverse a refund. That is how it works. That is how you deal with shiny object syndrome.

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Analysis Paralysis

Another common mindset that afflicts people who visit online marketing forums to get a clear idea of how to make money online is analysis paralysis. These people think that they are actually implementing a particular money making system by simply reading about it. Make no mistake about it. Simply reading and researching is not going to put money in your pockets. It simply would not. Dollars are not going to miraculously appear because you did your research. Research is research. Implementation is implementation. Unfortunately, people who suffer from analysis paralysis confuse the two. I would venture to guess that analysis paralysis afflicts more people who visit affiliate marketing sites than shiny object syndrome or the fake expert mindset or any other type of negative mindset. It is just too easy to get caught up in constantly researching and reading and really fail to get going with your plan to make money online.

What is it?

Analysis paralysis is when you buy a product, read it, and then you keep reading it and then you research on what other people say about it. You check websites that talk about the same process. You draw up all sorts of pros and cons. In other words, you take an idea and you just break it down into so many different parts and you lose yourself in the research process. There has to be a point in time where you pull the trigger and get off the fence and start putting in the work.

Why does it Lead to Failure?

The main reason why analysis paralysis leads to failure is because analysis, past a certain stage, is not really work. You are basically just spinning your wheels. People who suffer from this kind of mental paralysis comfort themselves with the feeling that they are actually working on making money online by thoroughly researching their implementation and understanding the risks involved and coming up with all sorts of advantages and disadvantages. This is all well and good, only if it leads to action. The main reason why this leads to failure is because it is too easy to get caught up in an endless cycle of getting more and more information and not taking action on it. The reality is that, you can take any concept and research it to its finest details and find even more sub details to pursue. It really leads to a never ending research. You can break something up into smaller and smaller pieces and it really never ends.

How can this be Fixed?

Very simple. Come up with a master plan, with a final objective, break it up into smaller goals, break up the goals into to do lists and apply a deadline. That is it. That is all you need to do. That is how corporations and businesses work in the real world and that is how online businesses work. Once you break up the plan into specific measurable and actionable goals and apply a time line and start acting on it, you are one step closer to success. You can not fix analysis paralysis by simply saying well I have analysis paralysis. Simply acknowledging that you have the problem does not move the ball forward. By setting down goals and acting on those goals can you truly resolve analysis paralysis.

Fake Expert

Fake Expert

Online forums are a very interesting social organisms. Whenever you have people interacting online, ego is involved. People want to get respect from other people. This is why it is very common for internet marketing forums to involve online personalities that seem to dish out either inaccurate information or completely false information. In many cases, the information that they dish out is a fly so much in the face of reality, that it makes you suspect that they are actually quite evil. It makes you suspect that they are deliberately spreading misinformation. Sadly, this problem does not just exist on forums that deal with online promotions or internet marketing. This kind of behavior applies across the board, regardless of the topic of the online message board or the forum. Whether you are talking about video games, political ideas, religious ideas, you name it. There are always people who try to hold themselves up as experts, but every piece of advise that they share is suspicious or just off base.

What is it?

The fake expert mindset is really the need to feel appreciated online. It is all about establishing credibility by any means possible. Whether you lie or supply real information, it does not matter. The name of the game is to be looked at as some sort of expert. The problem with the fake expert mindset is that, you use fake information, misleading information or outright lies to get that expert status. The people who engage in this behaviour probably do not have much real status in the real world. They probably feel like a fish out of water online and this justifies their willingness to actively lie or deceive people online just to get some sort of recognition. These people are often referred to as gurus or experts when ultimately, all they do is sell rubbish to naive newbies who believe these people know what they’re doing because other people say so.

Why does it Lead to Failure?

Well, with the fake expert mindset, the people who fail are not so much the fake experts dishing out these information. The reality is that, they do not matter. People who engage in this type of behavior really do not matter because we do not know how much money they really make. We do not really know if they are truly successful. We do not even know if they really do exist. In many cases, a lot of these people use fake accounts with fake avatars stolen from other websites. They use free blogging platforms for their websites. These people really just exist as pen names or alter egos of real members either for personal release or for more nefarious purposes. Still, the results are the same. If you listen to these fake experts, you will fail online. The reality is that, many of these people share advise that was good maybe ten years ago. This is specially true when the advise involves search engine optimization. Be very critical and skeptical about any kind of advise being offered to you online. Always cross reference it. Always check the advise that you get with proven and authoritative websites like or These and other resources can help you filter solid advise from misinformation, garbage, ill informed opinions and outright lies.

How can this be Fixed?

As mentioned above, you need to have a solid understanding of the credible and authoritative sources of information regarding a particular body of knowledge. Once you have these resources, you can then take the advise that you get and then filter it using existing resources. This way, you can actually spot real and actionable advise. Make no mistake about it. There’s just so much fake advise and bad advise being shared online. It is too easy to waste your time, effort and money following those dead ends.

By learning how to recognize the problematic mindsets listed above, you can avoid adopting these mindsets. Moreover, you can avoid the advise given by fake experts or people suffering from analysis paralysis and shiny object syndrome, so you do not experience failure. Make no mistake about it. There are only twenty-four hours in a day, you do not have all the time in the world. Guard your time, which is your most precious asset, very carefully. Learn to recognize people suffering from these mindsets, and learn to recognize solid information.

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