The Top Five Signs your Blog Post Sucks

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I have some very depressing news to tell you. It pains me to share the fact that every single day, there are over two million pieces of online content produced and shared everyday. That’s every single day. Can you imagine that? Can you see the odds of you making a dent in your niche with that flood of information? This is not the same recycled content we’re taking about. This is not just one article being shared two million times. This is not just one article being repackaged two million times. These are two million separate pieces of content produced and shared every single day. This is English language content that is completing for your global share of the pie.

It is too easy to get depressed by this number because this number is constantly growing. There’s just so many publishers out there. There are so many bloggers. There are so many social media people posting their content. The reality is that it is too easy for your content to fall between the cracks. There’s a lot of background noise. Unfortunately, you need to reach your target audience to make money online. You have to grapple with this huge amount of noise.

The bottom line is that you cannot reach your target audience if your blog post sucks. You have to pay attention to the following signs to make sure that your blog post don’t suck. If you notice at least one element discussed below present in your writing, it is time to change your writing style. It is time to change your blog post strategy.

Sign 5: All Text Posts

If you post to your blog and there are no pictures, you basically going to rub a lot of your readers the wrong way. Even if people are genuinely interested in the topic of your blog, they’re not going to wade through a huge block of text.

You have to understand that people online have ADHD by subconscious choice. How? Well, as I have mentioned earlier, there’s just so much content being shared and produced every single day. People have to come up with a coping mechanism to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. They can do this quickly by developing a temporary form of ADHD. They quickly look at a page, if something about that page doesn’t appeal to them, they leave. This is why most websites have high bounce rates. These are people that leave within a few seconds. People have ADHD online.

You have to get over that fact. You have to live with that fact. If you just post all text blog post, you’re not motivating them enough. You’re not giving them enough of a reason to stick around. They need motivation to read your post. They need motivation to stick around. Pictures give them that motivation. Pictures at least help their eyes rest or at least center their attention so they can take a quick look at the content. And if you wrote the content well enough, you can hook them and get them to stay on your post. The key is to use all the tools in your disposal to get them to stay. Pictures definitely help brand your post and get your readers to stay.

Sign 4: Huge Text Block

As I’ve mentioned earlier, people have temporary form of ADHD. Nothing scares them more as seeing this huge text block. Few paragraphs in just a massive block of text. Well guess what, if you post your content this way, you are going to intimidate your readers. I don’t care if you have the best content in the world, appearances matter. If your blog post look intimidating, people will leave.

For the people that do manage to stick around, they will get bored very quickly because they’re dealing with a huge block of text. At the very least, break down your text into easier to chew sections. At best, write these sections in such a way that they push the reader further down the page. The best way to do this is, of course, to use emotional triggers.

Sign 3: No Engagement

When is the last time you read a content on the Internet that read like it was written by a professor? Chances are, you are probably bored to tears. Chances are, you felt divorced or separated from the heart of the content. If the content doesn’t engage, chances are, you will bounce out of the page.

The lack of engagement in most blog posts is the reason why they have such high bounce rates. The text, at the very least, must place the reader in the content. There has to be some sort of personal resonance. At the very least, make sure that you post blog post that use the word “you.” There has to be emotional triggers in your content, otherwise, you will come of as dry, boring, and impersonal. It would be very easy for the reader to say, “so what.” It would be very easy for the reader to ask, “what does this have to do with me?” You have to draw them in.

Make no mistake about it, there is some use for text that has no engagement. You can use those texts for keyword articles that simply just target keywords and deliver certain information. The problem with this approach is that you would still get low conversions because, guess what, for people to click on an ad, to buy something from you, to sign up for an email list, they need to be emotionally engaged.

One key part of truly engaging your blog readers is to make sure that your headlines or blog post titles are very strong and very emotionally driven. You can still put keywords in them, but you have to find a way to draw people in and click your title. If they don’t click on your blog post title, they don’t get to read your blog post. It really is that simple. When they don’t read your blog post, you don’t make any money from them. That’s the bottom line.

Yawning Dead Topics

Sign 2: Writing on Dead Topics

If you write on stuff that nobody really cares about, you’re basically wasting your time. You’re basically shouting into the void and hoping that somebody will pay attention to you. Well, that’s not a winning strategy. If you want to succeed as an online publisher, you need to focus on topics that get a lot of attention on social media. This is why it’s always a good idea to check out social media websites and platforms to look at what people in your niche are actually talking about. What is the latest news? What are the latest trends? What are people excited about?

The best way to play this game, however, is to look at a controversial angle or a very unpopular angle and then stand out from the competition by focusing on those. I’m not talking about approving controversial topics or taking positions that you shouldn’t take because they don’t make any sense, I am just talking about using a different angle to shed more light on topics that already get a lot of attention online.

Sign 1: Writing the Same Way on the Same Stuff as Everyone Else

If your blog post look like a blog post that can be found in one thousand other blogs, you’re basically just wasting your time. There is really no reason for your blog visitors to check out your blog post because they can get the same stuff anywhere else. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to get out of this herd mentality. It’s hard for bloggers to not become part of the herd. Well, guess what, if you want to create successful and hard-hitting original blog post, you have to try really hard to break out of the herd and look distinctive.

People are looking for online brands. People are looking for value that stands out from the rest. It’s too easy to get caught up and fall between the cracks of the two million other pieces of content being shared everyday. You have to stand out. You must stand out based on quality. And you must stand out based on personality. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time, effort and money with blogging.

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