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In the world of online marketing, gurus come and go. Seriously. A lot of the gurus and internet marketing geniuses out there are really just online media creations. In many cases, it only takes a few talking heads or a few influential people throwing the same names around for people to get the impression that these names are really worth following. Let us face it. There are just too many supposed online marketing gurus that are really just playing the very common game of ‘fake it until you make it’. This is an unfortunate truth, but somebody has to say it.

Nine times out of ten, the SEO blogs out there that you thought were so knowledgeable and so credible and authoritative, are actually just regurgitating stuff that they have read elsewhere. A lot of that stuff does not even make sense. A lot of that stuff is very shallow. A lot of that stuff is not fully developed.

Unfortunately, people fall again and again for these so-called gurus. They end up spending thousands of dollars in online seminars, in special SEO boot camps, only to find out at the end of the day, to their extreme disadvantage, that a lot of the information being shared by these so-called experts is out dated at best and fake and fraudulent at worst. I hate to tell you this, but there are a lot of people on the internet, specially in the world of internet marketing, that are just too eager to separate you from your hard earned money.

If you are serious about getting the right kind of SEO information that will truly take your online business to a higher level, you need to get with Brian Dean (Follow him @Backlinko). Brian Dean is the real deal. I can not emphasize this enough. This guy demonstrates in blog post after blog post that he knows what the hell he is talking about. That is one of the biggest compliments anybody who has been following the SEO blogosphere can pay to anybody in the field. I do not care how big the name is, if they can not walk their walk they are a fraud. Brian Dean is the real deal. If you still need convincing, here are the top five reasons why you need to follow Brian Dean on Google+, Twitter and anywhere else online that you can find him. At the very least, you need to visit his website.

Oh, and just to clarify: No Brian Dean has NOT paid for this to be written or even ask for it to be written. In fact, I don’t even know if he knows this exists. 

Reason #1: He does not Talk Garbage

Brian talks in plain English. You know how refreshing that is? I have been following the SEO industry for several years now. I can count with one hand the blogs that actually discussed SEO concepts in plain English. We are talking eight grade or lower English. I am not saying that my reading and comprehension skills are those of an eight grader, but most people need to work with online content that is written plainly. Brian Dean writes in a very plain, clear and accountable manner. He does not hide behind jargon. He does not throw technical terms out there to blow smoke up you ass. He talks straight. He uses fifty cent words when fifty cent words are needed. He does not throw five dollar words out there to give you the impression that he is smart. He does not play any of those games. He is a straight shooting, plain talking SEO expert. Talk about rare.

Reason #2: He goes Heavy on Case Studies

As the old saying goes, show me don’t tell me. It is one thing to tell people I know this I know that, it is one thing to throw jargon at people, to just break down a whole list of complicated technical terms, you can rain all those technical terms on your blog reader and nine times out of ten that person is going to hit the back button. I know I would. Most people are looking for results, that is the main reason why people read SEO blogs in the first place, they want to rank higher on search results. They do not want to be bombarded with theory, they do not want to be told how things should work or theoretical stuff. They want to know about stuff that actually works. Most importantly, they want to be stepped through the process.

It’s case studies like this one that get give people like Brian Dean authority and the reason for this post alone:

The clearer the case study, the clearer the steps are outlined, the higher the chance that you are dealing with somebody that actually knows what he is talking about. Brian Dean is very heavy on case studies. In fact, the vast majority of his blog posts involves a case study or two. You can actually see the concepts that he is talking about broken down on a step by step basis. Talk about a refreshing breath of fresh air in the SEO world.

Reason #3: He is Very Social Media Friendly

Brian Dean is very easy to engage in social media, you only need to follow him on Twitter and he will follow you back. Send him a link, chances are he would re-tweet it, or at least send some feedback. Even if he does not engage with you, by simply following him and paying attention to his engagements with other online marketers you could see that this guy is very social media friendly. He is always dropping gems. The best part of it is that, he is not just sharing his own stuff, he is also sharing high quality stuff produced by other SEO experts.

That’s a great example of a blog post he shared from another online marketing pro Noah Kagan. By following Brian you don’t just get the best of his stuff, but the best of everyone else’s best stuff.

Reason #4: He only Features Actionable Material

Forget theoretical materials. People are looking for stuff that they can implement. They are looking for simple to follow instructions that will actually produce results. Unfortunately, a lot of the SEO and internet marketing blogs out there have this ‘I heard this somewhere’ mentality. In other words, they are too eager to find seemingly ‘sneaky’ or ‘clever’ SEO methods and they just blindly re-publish that information. There is no explanation regarding why it works, there is no explanation as to the underlying principle, there is no explanation as to the step by step process to make it produce results. It is not a surprise then that ninety percent of all the SEO blogs out there look the same and read the same. Brian Dean’s blog,, does not play any of those games. His stuff is very easy to follow. His stuff gives you information that you can actually put into action.

Reason #5: He does not Fake it to Make it

I would like to sum up Brian Dean’s SEO value with this phrase, ‘he does not fake it to make it‘. Too many websites out there basically think that they only need to sound credible or sound authoritative for them to start making money off you. The worst part of it all is that, many of these so-called SEO expert blogs have no clue as to what really works in the world of SEO. It is no surprise that people who spend hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars, on specialized training from these SEO blogs end up with very little results.

In many cases, they end up with absolute worse results than before they started the training. Talk about waste of time. Talk about waste of money. Brian Dean does not play any of those games. In fact, his site only has less than fifty posts. Yet his site is getting more than fifty thousand unique targeted visitors every single month. Nothing speaks better than success. is one of the most successful online marketing SEO blogs out there, because it walks its talk. It is not bull shit. It does not try to pull tricks on you. It delivers results. This guy know what he is doing and he is kind enough to share his knowledge.

Hopefully, the five reasons above will help you pay more attention to Brian Dean if you want to step up your online marketing game.

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