The Top Ten Reasons Why Most Video Sales Pages Fail

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I have been studying video sales page failures for quite some time now, that there’s really only one way to cover everything I have learnt: A top ten list. So, make no mistake about it, I am not over promising with my title. I am going to give you the top ten reasons, based on my research, why video sales pages fail. I am also going to go deep into each reason, unlike the usual top ten articles that throw up a quick list and leave it at that.

Reason #1: Most video Sales Pages are Irrelevant

There is a lot that has to be done before somebody goes to your video sales page, people would have to click on an ad. In many cases, people would have to read an article. People would have to be sufficiently impressed, for them to go to the next stage. This is why, for the life of me, I do not understand why people go through all that effort to get somebody to click through all those stages just to land on a video sales page that has nothing to do with what went before. This really makes me want to tear my hair out. Sadly, one of the main causes why video sales pages fail.

When you have a video sales page, you have a BMW. It is an excellent piece of German engineering, but you are using it as a paperweight. That is what you are doing if you are featuring an irrelevant video on a video sales page. The video is a very powerful conversion tool. Use it to convert. If you think that a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words do you think a video is worth? You are basically wasting all these opportunities, wasting all these time, wasting all these effort with irrelevant videos. It is just mind blowing. I have seen ads that talk about a problem, and then when I get to the video sales page, the video is actually trying to sell me a solution for another kind of problem. What is wrong with this picture?

Reason #2: More than One Theme

Marketers who create video sales pages that are overly complicated give people way too much credit. They think people are these amazing multitasking, multichannel data processing machines that can handle a storm of information. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are actually very simple people. In terms of thinking patterns, we can only process one thing at a time. Your video sales pages should reflect that. If you put more than one theme in your video, you are going to throw people off.

I have seen many, otherwise brilliant videos lose the conversion because they veer off into another topic. They were doing a good job hitting a home run with one theme, until near the end they go off to a completely different direction. You just lost fifty percent of your conversions right there. If you want your video sales pages to truly succeed, you need to keep it simple. One video, one theme. That should be the rule that you follow with your video sales pages. Keep it as simple as possible. Focus on that theme and beat it to the ground. Use all the emotional tricks you can use, use all the graphical tricks you can throw at the viewer, but stick to one theme.

Reason #3: Sloppy Script

You would be surprised as to how many, otherwise excellent videos, are made with just horrible scripts. It seems that these people wrote up the script at the last minute, while focusing all their money and time and effort on the bells and whistles and awesome production value of the video. Guess what, even if you have the best looking box in the world made out of gold and studded with diamonds, if you put a piece of dog feces inside, you are still dealing with dog feces. That is precisely what happens to many, otherwise successful video sales pages when they use sloppy scripts. Let me clarify one thing for you, videos do not drive scripts. Scripts drive videos. Do not put the cart before the horse. The script is the soul of your video. If you do not understand that, you have no business making video sales pages. There, I said it. I can not emphasize that enough. You need to invest in a solid script. Thankfully, there are many talented video script writers on Fiverr.

Pretty Video Sales Page

Reason #4: Too Focused on Being Pretty

It is too easy to get balled over by those annoying web 2.0 company videos that you see all over the internet. They have this cute background music, a very easy and simple animation, and those videos make you look good. The problem is, if you are going to trot out another video using the same look and the same structure, you are basically doing what everybody else is doing. You are basically committing the video sales page conversion optimization error of focusing on being pretty. I am not saying create horrible looking videos, I am not saying make ugly videos, but instead of focusing too much on being pretty, focus on the context of the video. Focus on targeting, focus on the script, focus on the substance, focus on the call to action, focus on the emotional hot buttons. Notice the list that I just mentioned? Nowhere in there is an item that has something to do with cosmetic elements. That is precisely what is happening if you are just too busy making sure that your video is pretty. Pretty can only take you so far. Pretty is not enough to convert.

Reason #5: Too Clever for its Own Good

Closely related to being too pretty is the mistake of trying to be too clever. While it is a good idea to devote a lot of time on the script, if you devote too much time, and you are trying to put a lot of nice twists, and trying to get really slick and creative with the script, you are doing it wrong. People do not like to feel that they are being tricked. People do not like to feel that they are being deceived. This is precisely what is happening when you are giving too much emphasis on being clever. There is a time and a place for being clever, but it should occupy a very small amount of your video sales page. You might have a clever spin, you might have a clever heading, you might even have a few clever graphics element, but leave it there. If you try to pepper your video with lots of clever hooks, people will get lost, and worst of all, people might think that you are trying to pull their leg. Worst of all, they might think that you are trying to pull their wallet. Not a good move.

Reason #6: Grainy Videos

You might think that you have the best video production software, you might think that you have the best equipment, however, once you put together your video sales page, the video might come out grainy. You might not have put the right filter. Producing grainy videos is like producing an article with lots of spelling errors. It shows that you are sloppy. It shows that you do not care enough about the welfare of the reader, that you are just going to throw garbage out there without double checking your work. This is not the way to make a great first impression. This is not the way to get conversions. Try again.

Reason #7: Bad Resolution

This is basically the same as with grainy video, however, bad resolution also takes into account the fact that different people use different resolutions to view online video. You have to be aware of this. There are too many people thinking that as long as it looks good on YouTube, it is good enough for them. Wrong. You need to understand that people are always upgrading their equipment. You need to keep up with the times. Remember, you only have one bite at the apple. People are only going to give your video sales page the benefit of the doubt once. You only get one shot. Do not waste it on bad resolution problems.

Reason #8: Obviously Cheap Production Values

There are lots of places online where you can get cheap video made. Just because it is cheap does not necessarily mean it is low quality. Unfortunately, too many marketers are so focused on saving money, that they confuse low price with a great deal. While there are many providers that will give you a great deal by doing high quality work for basically chicken feed, those providers are few and far between. If you want high quality video, you must be prepared to pay for it. Let us put it another way. Nobody ever built their online empire with five dollars. Eventually, people would have to invest an increasing amount of money to get quality results. The stakes are high with video sales pages. Chances are, the people that land on those pages are never going to come back again. You have to hook them the first time they are there. Do not blow that chance by showing obviously cheap production values in your video.

Poor Quality Sound Video

Reason #9: Bad Sound

Too many online marketers focus so much emphasis on the video quality of their videos, that they leave one key piece of the video equation out of the picture. This piece? Sound. Your video has to look good and it has to sound good. That is the bottom line. If you let sound suffer, you are doing half of a job converting your prospect.

Reason #10: Hard to Follow

Similar to reason # 2 above, you have to make your video as simple as possible. However, even if you just strip down the theme of your video to one theme, if your script is overly convoluted, or there is really no logical flow in your video, or you are just rumbling on, you are going to lose your prospect. You are not going to convert that person. You are not going to make a sale. You are not going to get a paid ad click. You are not going to get an e-mail subscription. Kiss those opportunities goodbye. Your video must be easy to follow. Point A must lead to point B easily, and most importantly, intuitively. You do not want your video viewer to basically do detective work. You have to spoon feed that person. Things must be very easy and obvious. If it is not easy and obvious, your video is hard to follow. Try again.

I hope you profit from the ten reasons I have outlined above. This is information that I got from intensive research. I have looked at many video sales pages and nine times out of ten, they flat out suck. If you do not want to be part of this sorry statistic, and you actually want to make money online, make it a point to follow all the ten points I have listed above. The margin for error is non-existent. Believe me.

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