The Importance of Social Media Marketing

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For the Internet Marketer, finding the most effective and cost efficient strategy for your next online marketing campaign should look to include some form of social media. From LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook and Instagram to Vine and Twitter, there’s a number of services that are available to expand your brand and help assist your marketing campaign that are both cheap and easy to use. So that means you don’t need to be some angst-riddled alienated teenager to understand this stuff either. But it can be immensely helpful in expanding your outreach.

And with a proactive strategy that works parallel to your online marketing strategy, you’ll be able to drive traffic and visitors to your web pages and reach many more potential customers than you may have been prior.

Look, Facebook was started as a way for college students to rank each other and their desirability. And who would’ve foreseen that since its launch in 2004, it would be the global phenomena for social networking that it has become? Or that it would be able to generate a value of $108 billion and trade at $38 a share at its IPO date in 2012. That value is based on the reach of its social networking and the sheer numbers of people on Facebook cannot be discounted as a potential customer pool.

The sheer volume of people on Facebook means that by using a proactive strategy to set up and share information on your company’s wall, then anyone that you are friends with online can have access to that information. And Facebook is designed to help you add potential contacts with its “add a friend” aspect, which can help lead to increased contacts. It also allows a business to create a company page that contacts and friends can “like” and receive constant updates as you post them on your wall. Basically Facebook is a social networking tool that will help do a lot of additional marketing for you

But tread lightly. Social media is more effective when used to hint and tease information than bombarding the contacts. So if you’re about to launch a new campaign, have new product or service information or want to stay current for your customer pool, then using social media to supplement your online marketing strategy is a great option to consider. With timely updates, posts, pictures and videos, you can help drive traffic to your webpage where you can get the visitor to take a more specific desired action.

Regardless of your Internet Marketing strategy, using a social media site such as Facebook will help you expand your reach and increase your brand awareness. And most are simple to set-up and use, so much so that there are young children with accounts now. So whether a professional network such as LinkedIn makes more sense for your campaign, or social networking sites like Facebook, or social media sites like Twitter, Vine and Instagram, there’s a simple and easy service at your fingertips. And if you pair it smartly with your online marketing strategy, you’ll increase the number of your audience and increase traffic to your webpage making your next Internet Marketing campaign your best one yet.

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