The Biggest Secret you Need to Know about Solo Ads

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Solo ads are one of the most hyped means of getting traffic. If you go to an online marketing forum, affiliate forum, or a webmaster forum, solo ads are talked to the high heavens. People praise solo ads for their ease and effectiveness. They keep repeating the mantra of solo ads as a powerful traffic option. There are many ebooks written talking about the advantages that you get if you use solo ads. It would almost seem that there’s some sort of an online cult surrounding solo ads. People talk about it like it’s the best thing in sliced bread. The reality is that if you believe this hype, you are probably going to lose money.

There is one big secret that many solo ad promoters don’t like to disclose in public. In fact, many of them would rather wish that this secret goes away. What secret is this? The big secret is that there is only one type of solo ad that really converts. That’s right, only one. There you have it. The cat is out of the bag. If you were thinking of buying a solo ad, I didn’t mean to burst your bubble. I didn’t mean to get you excited or let you down. You might have had your heart set on spending a ton of money on solo ads so you can make a lot of money overnight. Well, think of it this way. I may have just saved you a ton of money. Here are the reasons why most solo ads don’t work.

You Don’t Know Where the List Members Come From

A lot of the people selling solo ads and solo ad traffic make their money from the ad placement. They don’t make money off their list. This is why it’s crucial for them to hype up the benefits that people supposedly get from solo ads. They need to make a big production about the conversions that they get from solo ads. The sad reality is that if you are trying to sell online, you need to know where your traffic is coming from. This is traffic conversion 101. You don’t get this with the typical solo ads offers.

In many cases, a lot of their list members come from countries like India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and other emerging economies where people don’t usually use credit cards to buy stuff online. To make matters worse, these people are not likely to buy stuff online. The solo ad seller might have a list that is niche-targeted, but this isn’t really going to help you all that much. If the list members are from countries that historically convert at very low levels, it’s going to be very hard for you to make money off your solo ad purchase. You might as well kiss those hundreds of dollars, goodbye.

Solo Ads Require Tweaking

Another reason why most solo ads fail is that effective solo ad campaigns need a lot of tweaking. In other words, you buy a small amount of traffic first, and then you look at your results, and you tweak your marketing message. You buy the same amount of traffic from the same solo ad seller, and then see if there are any improvements. You keep tweaking your marketing message until you get the conversion rate that you are looking for. After all, solo ad marketing is all about conversions. If you are not paying attention to your conversion rate, you are wasting your time and money with solo ads.

The reality that poses for most solo ad buyers is that tweaking their solo ad campaign can cause a lot of money. If you don’t know where the traffic is coming from, and you don’t know the specific circumstances with which people signed up for the mailing list, then you’re basically taking shots in the dark. You might be putting yourself in the ridiculous position of tweaking or optimizing something that is not really going to convert. Think about it this way. If the vast majority of people on a mailing list come from a country where the vast majority of people don’t really buy stuff online, you might be spending a small portion trying to tweak your marketing message by solo ad after solo ad in the hopes of converting the traffic that will probably never convert. Do you see how ridiculous the situation is?

Unfortunately, this is the exact position that many solo ad buyers find themselves in. Don’t play to lose. Pay attention to the next fact below.

Buyers List Solo Ads are the Only Ones that Work

The reality is that if you want to make money with solo ads, you need to buy solo ads from buyers list. In other words, the seller actually has a sales sign up page. For people to buy the product, they have to sign up to the list to get the actual purchase page. The reason these lists convert really well is because these are lists of people that are intent on buying a product. These are buyers. These are proven prospects and consumers.

Unfortunately, most of the solo ads out there are generated by people offering free information. Since the people who sign up for these mailing lists are looking for freebies or free information and not necessarily looking to buy a product, the conversion rate is very low. Pair that fact up with the facts raised above and you are looking at the horrible odds that you are up against. Make no mistake about it. The only solo ads that are worth buying are solo ads offered by people with buyers lists. This is good news, but at the same time, a horrible news. It’s good news because you now know the only type of solo ad traffic that really works.

On another hand, this is bad news because the people who own these mailing lists know the value of their list. They are not stupid; they are not idiots. Not surprisingly, they ask for a lot of money for solo ads to these lists. You have to remember, since these are buyers lists, they can easily just sign up for an affiliate program, and put and broadcast an affiliate link to their mailing list members. They are actually doing you a favor by giving you an opportunity to buy a solo ad on their list. The problem is, the price is going to be very high because this is converting traffic. This traffic actually makes money.

There is a reason why some solo ads are very expensive. The reason? They’re worth it. Keep this in mind when looking at solo ads. In most cases, it’s not worth buying solo ads at all. Also, in most cases, it’s a better idea to cultivate affiliate marketers and have those affiliate marketers sell your product so you can build a list. One of the sneakiest ways to get around a solo ad problem is to come up with a high-quality product, and sell it for one dollar. When you sell it for such a low price, you are sure to get a lot of would-be buyers. These buyers would then sign up for your mailing list. You’re not really selling the product so you can make money of one dollar per shot. You are selling the product so you can build a buyer list. Have you heard of the saying, “The money is in the list?” Well, if you have a buyer list, you can then create premium products, and make money advertising to your list of proven buyers. That’s the smart way to play the solo ads game. To put it in another way, the smart way to play the solo ads marketing game is to not buy solo ads in the first place. Buying the right solo ads, solo ads on buyer lists, is too expensive. If you are serious about getting a solid return on investment, this is playing the game to lose. The best way is to just generate your own list through your own digital products.

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