How to Spot Low Value Warrior Forum WSOs

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Make no mistake about it, the Warrior Forum is the biggest Internet marketing forum on the planet. I’m not talking about the United States only. I’m not talking about Canada or Western Europe. We’re talking about the planet here. The Warrior Forum gets millions of eager online business seekers every single month. That’s how big the Warrior Forum is. If you’re looking to get established in making money online, it’s always a good idea to check out the Warrior Forum.

With that being said, the Warrior Forum has a special section called Warrior Special Offers or WSOs for short. While there are a lot of high-value materials in the WSO section, there are also a lot of duds. It can be argued that the duds outnumber the truly useful WSOs by a huge margin. In other words, it’s easy to end up with a low-value or even no-value WSO. You really have to know what you’re doing.

Unfortunately, the Warrior Forum has many posts made by frustrated, disappointed members that bought WSOs and ended up not getting the results that they were expecting, which are subsequently deleted from the boards. This is not uncommon. The main reason why this seems to be happening fairly regularly is because a lot of WSOs feature income claims (that are no typical).

It’s not uncommon for the WSO to focus on a case study where somebody started out with nothing or close to nothing and ended up making thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars in a relatively short period of time. In fact, there are some even crazy claims that people made money seemingly overnight.

While the Warrior Forum and moderators make it a point to say that these are fairly, unique cases and that your results would vary depending on the amount of effort you put in and your particular situation, there is no denying that there is a huge psychological impact created by these income claims. When somebody comes to you and says, “Well, I made thousands of dollars overnight,” and you trust that person, there is an emotional trigger there. There’s an emotional investment in sharing that same outcome.

So regardless of whatever legal disclaimers people throw around, the threat is there of people’s hopes being raised only to wrecked later on. The reason why I wrote this guide is that  I don’t want your hopes of making money online to deteriorate. There are a lot of low-value Warrior Forum WSOs out there. By knowing how to spot them, you can then focus on the ones that are actually worth your attention and worth your time effort and money.

Rehashed Information

One of the most common forms of low-value Warrior Forum WSO is rehashed information. In fact, by just looking at the description of the WSO, you can tell that this material is basically talking about the same stuff talked about by other current or previous WSOs. To detect this type of low-value Warrior Forum WSO you only need to do one thing: Read old WSOs. That’s right. Just go through the ads of all these old WSOs. You can see a clear pattern. You can see which ones are truly new, which ones are just hype and which ones are basically rehashed the same element.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of people that would buy a WSO, get the central idea and then repackage that idea. It’s a good move on their part because they’re making money on an old idea, it’s bad move on your part because you’re basically paying good money for stuff that’s probably already publicly available. The great thing about rehashed information is you don’t have to buy it. Chances are good that you can find that information for free at a blog somewhere. You only need to invest some of your time to finding this information.

Recycled Information

You may think that this type of low-value Warrior Forum WSO is the same as rehashed information. The answer is no. The focus with recycled information is that it hides behind a better sales page. Whoever came up with this WSO knows the WSO game. He or she is playing the game in such a way that the emphasis is on salesmanship rather than content value. Not surprisingly, this type of low-value WSO takes the same kind of information that’s being offered by other current or old WSOs, but puts a much better sales page on the front end.

This sales page has a lot of psychological hot buttons. It really hits your emotions and really exploits your need for quick solutions. Beyond the lookout for the very flashy sales pages with all sorts of income claims and case studies, but at its core is essentially talking about a solution that is very common. Steer clear of these types of WSOs. Chances are, you can find the information, not just in the Warrior Forum for free, but also on the countless Internet marketing blogs that you can easily find through a Google search.

Warrior Forum Income Claims

Dubious Income Claims

You have to be very careful regarding the income claims you come across when reading Warrior Forum WSOs. In many cases, people just go over the top. They basically make all sorts of wild claims. Don’t get caught up in the hype. You have to understand that while legally, there’s not much Warrior Forum can do regarding such income claims because they can be true, it’s your responsibility to yourself to look at probabilities. You have to understand that income claims maybe true. It can be true that somebody would make 2,000 dollars overnight.

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However, it’s probably due to the fact that that person is in a particular situation and the person already had a certain infrastructure in place to make that money. For example, you can flip a website for thousands of dollars almost overnight. However, a lot of ducks have to be lined up to make that happen. You have to be on the right forum or there’s the right person looking for a particular website and is willing to pay extra money for it.

Also, you have to already have the website ready. In other words, many different factors have to be lined up just right within a particular time frame to make that money. This alone should clue you in to the fact that making thousands of dollars or whatever hyped amount of money the sales pages are talking about is quite improbable unless you also have that infrastructure in place and the same situations are present in your particular case. Chances are, they’re not.

Don’t Fall for “Review Copy” and Reviews

We all have common human biases. One of the biggest biases most human beings share is that when somebody’s kind to you, you are kind to them in return. This is called the mirroring instinct. We tend to mirror other people’s behavior towards us. If they are mean to us, we tend to be mean to them. If they are kind to us, we tend to be kind to them. Well, a lot of marketers in the Warrior Forum exploit this human trait by offering “free” review copies of their WSOs.

The mere fact that somebody’s giving you a free copy of a report on a technique that supposedly will make you thousands of dollars seemingly overnight would make you feel grateful. Instead of paying a huge sum of money for this report, you got something for free. Subconsciously, this would push your review to be more on the positive side instead of you writing a more objective review.

To protect yourself against this bias, you need to focus on the reviews of actual buyers. These are people who actually bought. They didn’t get a review copy, they didn’t get a complementary copy, there were no favours involved. This person just went in and paid good money for the report or the e-book and is actually offering a real review. Pay more attention to reviews made by actual buyers.

Really Cheap Reports are Often Lead Magnets

Another red flag you should pay attention to is when a WSO is being sold for one dollar or seven dollars or five dollars. Don’t let the low price fool you. The main reason why many reports are being sold for really dirt-cheap rates is because the person behind the WSO is not really intent on making money. Instead that person is looking to build a mailing list.

This mailing list is very powerful because this is a list of actual buyers. This is not a list of people who signed up for a newsletter to just get a free e-book. These are people who are actually intent on buying something. In 99% of cases, the mailing list is more valuable than the amount of money generated by the person behind the WSO. Don’t fall for this trick. Look at the price, look at the claim benefits and ask yourself whether this person is just simply building a list or this person is actually charging a fair price for something of real value.

Warrior Forum Guru

Do Searches on the Seller’s User’s Profile (Guru… I don’t think so…)

You would be surprised at what would you find when you do a search for a seller’s user profile name, domain name or in some cases, real name. You have to understand the Internet is quite transparent. If people feel ripped off, if people feel manipulated or exploited, people will post about it. Of course, you don’t have to believe everything you read on the Internet. Still, if you see too many negative reviews, negative posts or criticisms, you will probably do well to steer clear of that person’s WSOs and go with somebody with a better track record.

The reality behind Warrior Forum WSOs is your main protection comes in the form of refunds. If you feel you got ripped off, if you feel the product didn’t live up to the hype, you can simply ask for the refund. If the person doesn’t want to cooperate, you can then go straight to PayPal.

Unfortunately, this is too little too late. By the time you have to go through PayPal just to get a refund, you’ve already spent too much time, effort, and energy with a particularly bad Warrior Forum WSO. Spare yourself from all that unnecessary drama by reading the tips above so you can spot low-quality and low-value Warrior Forum WSOs and save yourself the headache and hassle of getting a PayPal refund.

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