How to Publish StumbleUpon Content that’s Worthwhile

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Anybody can write a piece of content nowadays. In fact, you only need to go to Fiverr, spend a few bucks with a writer from India, and you have yourself a half decent piece of content that took no effort. The problem is not the amount of money you spend on the content, it is not even the amount of time you spend on the content, it is the concept behind the content that truly matters. If you have the concept/idea part wrong, you are basically setting yourself up for content marketing failure.

The sad reality is that the vast majority of content ever published online is worthless. People do not read it. People do not feel that it has any impact on their lives. Still, these people generate thousands of words every single day, they basically litter the internet with content that people will never really read. To make matters worse, ninety percent of the people publishing this stuff never make any real money from their content. You have to understand this, you have to wrap your mind around this concept for you to truly understand how to produce content that works, especially if you are going to market that content in specialized channels online.

One of the best sources of volume traffic hands down, on the internet, is StumbleUpon. Millions of people use StumbleUpon to find high quality engaging content. Notice the words that I used? ‘High quality’, ‘engaging’, ‘content’. You do not need to be a Harvard graduate to understand that these are the elements that you need to meet for you to do well on StumbleUpon. You have to produce content, this content has to be high quality, this content has to be engaging.

The problem is a lot of online entrepreneurs when faced with ‘slippery words’ are more than content to shoot for the lowest common denominator. They basically think content is in the eye of the beholder. Quality, again, that is highly subjective. In other words, they are making excuses for themselves to spend as little money as possible to produce the lowest quality materials as possible.

Well, I am sorry to break this to you, but if this is how you think, you are basically dooming yourself to not making any money online. Even if you are making money, you are making a fraction of the kind of money you would be making if you paid more attention to quality. This is specially true when it comes to StumbleUpon.

I cannot tell you about the number of forum posts and blog posts that I have read through that almost unanimously condemn StumbleUpon as a worthless source of traffic. I am happy to report that all those negative reviews of StumbleUpon as a traffic source are almost all completely wrong. They just do not get the point of StumbleUpon. The whole reason StumbleUpon is able to pump such massive volumes of traffic to unbranded or little known websites is because StumbleUpon is driven by one thing and one thing alone: Quality.

Are there a lot of robots that are trying to trick StumbleUpon? Absolutely. Are there a lot of people trying to pull all sorts of tricks and shenanigans to get free traffic off StumbleUpon? Definitely. But at the end of the day, it is quality that rules, at the end of the day it is quality that pushes people to click and become loyal to a piece of content.

This is why you have to spend a lot of time producing real content that is engaging and meets high quality standards. Otherwise, you are just  wasting your time submitting stuff to StumbleUpon.

Will you get traffic from StumbleUpon? Of course. Will this traffic really add to your bottom line? Absolutely not. Keep the following tips in mind so you can fully understand how to make StumbleUpon content that has legs. What I mean by that is how to make content that can gain traction. In other words, can push your online brand forward.

How to Produce Content Specifically for StumbleUpon Sharing

You have to understand that if you are producing content for StumbleUpon, you have to make some changes to that page. You need to make the follow design changes to your blog/pages to ensure you get the best out of StumbleUpon. These design changes will not just help with your StumbleUpon marketing but also your general social media marketing across other platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

First, you have to limit the number of ads on the pages you promote through StumbleUpon. Ideally, do not offer any ads at all. I know this might move you to tears because that is how you make money off your online properties. No. Do not feature blatant ads. You can put link text which then leads to ads, but do not put blatant ads.

Next, focus on being viral. I am talking about offering content that is designed to be shared. If people are just going to see the same stuff that they are getting from other places, they really have no incentive to like your materials and to stumble your materials. To do this, ensure there are multiple points throughout the single post that give the visitor the opportunity to share your content. Like here on Marketing Bees to the left of the page, a fixed social sharing bar works wandered and is easy to implement using a range of WordPress plugins or the application from Filament.Io called Flare (used here on Marketing Bees).

Finally, focus on getting the person to go deeper into your site. This means that you need to get people excited and interested by your content. So format your content so that it is very easy to read, so that they can scroll down very quickly, and then put some trigger links in there that lead to controversial topics or hot topics. In other words, give them an incentive to dig deep into the heart of your website.

Use your Website as a Filtering Tool

You have to understand that the vast majority of StumbleUpon visitors are not in your target audience. Seriously. StumbleUpon is a random traffic generator. In the minds of many so-called traffic gurus, this is a deal killer. In their minds, this automatically dismisses StumbleUpon and it’s marked down as a trash traffic source. This is really unfortunate, but the reality is that, you can use your website as a filtering device because while the vast majority of the traffic that you might get from StumbleUpon is worthless, enough might turn into loyal members to make the whole effort worth it.

StumbleUpon is a Numbers Game

You have to understand, that when you are marketing on StumbleUpon, it really boils down to the numbers. Let us say a hundred people visit your web page from StumbleUpon, be happy when ten percent of them stick around. This ten percent can then be converted into loyal users.

The whole point of marketing on StumbleUpon is to create content that is geared towards StumbleUpon members so you can get a huge number of people from StumbleUpon. However, you create your page and structure your website in such a way that you filter that huge number. For example, if you get one hundred thousand visitors from StumbleUpon and you have a filtration system that aims to get ten percent, you will eventually convert ten thousand members into repeat visitors or possibly e-mail subscribers later on. That is a resounding victory.

The whole point of StumbleUpon is to start with a huge number first, and then use your content to filter them. The aim of the game is to get targeted site visitors and with StumbleUpon marketing you CAN and WILL do this.

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