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Traffic is still highly important for anyone who runs a business online. The only problem is that not many people know how to build traffic effectively. Many of the older traffic sources seem to have died and become ineffective with the younger generation of online marketers who focus on paid PPC traffic with the likes of Adwords and Facebook. This means that there are plenty of people out there, including marketers and business owners, who are in the dark when it comes to creating effective and viable traffic strategies that don’t require much monetary investment.

If you don’t have traffic, you have no chance of building leads. And then you have no chance of building customers. The first port-of-call for any new marketers is therefore paid traffic: An instant flow of traffic, leads and ultimately sales. The problem here however is that your costs have to be taken into consideration. Something as simple as selling a $10 eBook can suddenly becoming a loss-making business that is no longer viable as a business.

Here’s a couple of old-school traffic techniques that worked 10 years ago, worked 5 years ago and still work today!

Blog Commenting

Many business owners neglect the time-honoured tradition of commenting on other people’s blogs. This took a hit with recent Google updates, but if you do it properly you can still build high traffic levels by showing authority and adding comments to blogs that are in your industry. The more you do this, (and the more you show that you are not spamming people), the more likely you are to prove yourself as an expert in your particular field.

Adding comments to blogs has been neglected recently by many business owners, but it is starting to make a comeback as it’s easy to outsource (if that’s your sort of thing) and certainly doesn’t take much cash to complete. If you do follow this particular route, we advise that you take your time and build a steady comment routine, so that you are seen as being consistent and trustworthy. Still a very good strategy, it is one that we think everyone should be adding to their current armoury if they don’t already do it.

Forum Posting

Forum posting is also making a bit of a comeback too as another cheap way to build up a reputation amongst targeted leads for your niche. With many spammers being kicked out the door by updates and by forum managers who are actively spotting spammers with their useless one liners and ctrl-c + ctrl-v ways, it is now the perfect opportunity for anyone who has anything to offer a forum to get involved and bring that insight to the table. The fact that Google cleaned up a lot of forums, as did web masters, means that there is now a little window for you to step into and develop your expertise through commenting and posting on forums.

It’s really not that difficult:

a) Find a forum

b) Post regular useful comments on that forum

c) Put a link to your site in the signature

That’s all there is to it. Just get your face/brand out there and over time you will build up a positive reputation that will ultimately lead to organic traffic coming through to your funnel, subscribing and even buying.

Guest Posting

As a link to the point we made earlier about blog commenting, there is still a lot of demand for guest posting too. This is something that can bring really good authority if you plan it right. Approach bloggers and offer your expertise in the area, and offer links, and also on top of that some possible advertising opportunities. All of this will make it easier for people to accept you as a guest poster on the blog.

This has got to be one of my favourites sources of traffic. It’s allows you to provide your expertise (and more like SHOW OFF) on a blog read by your target audience who are looking for advice. Win-Win-Win-Win. 

These old school techniques are very much back in vogue. Try them out if you want to develop your expertise online, and also to build that traffic that you need to build leads and a new customer base. While these techniques are old-fashioned, they’re still incredibly high quality, and definitely generate traffic.

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