Mastering the Seduction of Content Marketing

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People often snicker when they hear the word ‘seduction.’ Usually, the first image that comes to mind is a very sultry woman, possibly in her neglige, looking alluringly at a man. Well, guess what, seduction is everywhere. Seduction is on the radio. Seduction is on TV. Seduction is on the internet. What kind of seduction am I talking about? I am talking about advertising.

The moment you try to change people’s mind or raise people’s awareness regarding an issue or topic, you are engaged in the act of seduction. There is a thin line between seduction and persuasion. In fact, they are close cousins. It is a close relationship. The reality is that whenever you try to get people to change their minds or make up their mind about something, you are engaged in seduction. You have to wrap your mind around this. Otherwise, you are getting the complete online marketing game wrong. You might as well throw in the towel and give up if you don’t get this concept.

A lot of bloggers, online promoters and affiliate marketers get in the online marketing game completely clueless about seduction. Maybe if they build something that is, in their minds awesome, people would somehow give them money. It doesn’t work that way (if only).

First and foremost, your content must address the needs of people. Second, it must address the needs of people in such a way that they would want to benefit you. Third, and this is the most important part, it must be written in such a way that the people who view your content must want to share it with other people. That is how it works.

Sadly, simply building something and expecting people to show up all of a sudden with their money out and yelling at you “here, grab my money!” is completely delusional. Unfortunately, the internet is littered with people that think like this. Sadly, the internet is also littered by the carcasses of their dead websites, dead unprofitable profitable and bankrupt websites. If you don’t want to become part of that sorry statistic of bloggers and online marketers who completely failed at online marketing, you have to not just understand that online marketing is seduction, but you have to also live your life accordingly.

A key part of online marketing is content marketing. Again, just like everything else that has to do with the art of persuasion, content marketing is seduction.

Seduction Doesn’t Necessarily have to be Bad

Again, in keeping with the idea of seduction having something to do with sex or emotional manipulation, you have to understand that seduction, in itself, doesn’t have to be bad. An act, doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. For example, if you see a scene where a man shoots another man dead, you might think that you just witnessed a murder. You have to have all the facts to reach this conclusion though.

Legally, just the mere act of shooting another person to death doesn’t necessarily mean a murder took place. A murder involves a certain mind frame or intent and an act. As mentioned in the previous scene, a guy blows another guy away. However, if it is proven in court, that the person that shot the other person did so because he was in justifiable fear for his life, then there is no murder. This is a justifiable homicide. The person is innocent of murder charges. See the difference here? You have to factor in intent.

Intent is the key that determines whether an act of seduction is bad, neutral, or even good. The reality is that people are actually looking to get seduced. Think of it this way: if you go to a website and you are looking for a particular kind of product, you might still not be one hundred percent sold on that product.

When you go to a review site that talks about that product, you are basically asking the person who wrote that content you are reading this question: Persuade me. That’s basically what you are doing on a subconscious level because you are still unsure regarding the product. Alternatively, you may be looking to find a product using a generic term or you may be looking for information regarding a product but you don’t know which to buy. You are just looking for a certain type of product and just trying to make up your mind.

In these situations, seduction is a good thing. Why? it gives an incentive to another person to gather information you can use to make a decision. Second, that person presents the info in a very easy to digest manner. And, third, the person puts forth arguments why you should decide in a certain way. You might think that the third part is unnecessary or the third part is self-serving. You are absolutely right that it is self-serving but you are dead wrong to think that it is unnecessary. Review sites basically incentivizes others to help step you through the decision process. If you are unclear of certain facts, let them do the homework for you.

The key to seduction is, just because somebody is trying to pull it off on you, it doesn’t necessarily means that they would succeed. Why? Because you still have a brain. You still have common sense. You can see which are the facts and which is hype. You can see whether you are being informed or whether you are being outright scammed. These are totally different actions. You have to take advantage of others’ attempts at seducing you. You have to enjoy the advantage that seduction brings to the table.

Improper or Bad seduction really Boils Down to Transparency and Truth

As I implied above, there is such a thing as bad seduction. What is bad seduction? When a person who is trying to change your mind will deliberately hide information from you. This is called a half-truth. You can’t make an informed decision when a very important piece of information is kept from you. It just wont happen. You will make the wrong decision time and time again.

It is impossible to make the right decisions in these circumstances because a critical piece of information has been left out. This applies even when somebody takes all the facts and misrepresents or outright lies on a tiny portion of the facts. Even if 99% of the facts being told to you are correct, if one percent is a lie, that person is lying to you. The prospects decision might turn on the lie or their decisions might arise logically from the lie. The lie infects all the facts.

In both cases, the person trying to seduce you is lying. Seduction through lying is always bad. That is not real seduction. In fact that is more like fraud. As you are not giving informed consent. You are being financially defrauded if somebody lies to you regarding a particular offer made online.

A closely related cousin of outright lies and half truth is lack of transparency. A more popular way of saying this is “hidden agenda.” When somebody has a hidden agenda, you are giving complete facts but the person is positioning the facts or arguing the facts in such a way that it points towards that person’s agenda. This form of seduction is still bad because the agenda is hidden.

Sure, you are dealing with one hundred percent facts, but if the facts are arranged in such a way so that logic kicks in and pushes you to a conclusion that benefits your seducer without your seducer telling you what that position is,
You’re screwed. This happens all the time in the political world. This happens all the time in the commercial world also. This is bad seduction.

What is the Solution?

The solution comes in the form of two “T”s. I am, of course, talking about truth and transparency. If you are going to be an effective or a seducer online, you have to be truthful about your claims. You cannot throw away the facts. You have to base your sales speech on facts. Next, you have to show the complete truth. Don’t hide stuff, don’t tell a half truth. Show the complete truth. Most importantly, if you have an agenda, reveal it. Full disclosure. At this stage of the game, it is the viewer’s call whether to believe you or not.

The good news is, if you are completely transparent and you are telling the truth, chances are, instead of running away from your statements, your prospect will embrace you. Why? You dared to tell the truth. You dared to lay it out of the table and you dared to be transparent.

People, mature responsible adults, respect transparency and truth. In fact, this might give you a competitive advantage. Other websites hide the ball. Other sites misrepresent. Other sites make all sorts of claims that they can’t back up. If you are the first straight shooter, or at least the most well-known straight shooter in your niche, you can make quite a name for yourself.

As the saying goes, the truth shall set you free. If you’ve been struggling financially, the truth shall set you free. As long as you base your seduction techniques on truth and transparency, you will rise head and shoulders over your competition. This is guaranteed. Why? Because the truth will always come out. And The truth will always prevail. If you base your online business and your online marketing techniques and other form of seduction based on truth and transparency, people will flock to you.

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    Million dollar advice here, Lewis. I really like your approach. Truth and transparency are the cornerstones to any legitimate marketing strategy.


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