Increase your Instagram Engagement by 182%

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To those of us who have failed to master Instagram, it remains a mystery but if you’ve managed to come to terms with just how simple it is to turn the odd photo into a steady stream of traffic, leads and ultimately sales then good on you. Here, Neil Patel shows you just how easy it can be to increase your engagement by 182% on Instagram.

This infographic comes courtesy of QuickSprout and the kind of a big deal man himself Neil Patel who I don’t think needs any introduction.

Personally, if you’re in a niche that lends itself to photos (stating the obvious I know) then Instagram can be a virtual gold mine of traffic. The problem comes when you start to try and market yourself on Instagram and start taking photos for the sake of it. Doing this won’t build up your brand, presence or otherwise and will go as a wasted effort.

How to Increase your Instagram Engagement by 182%

This infographic doesn’t need much of an introduction. Just sit back, and enjoy reading through it and of course, absorb as much as you can.

How to Increase Instagram Engagement by 182%

Courtesy of Quick Sprout and thanks to them for putting together such an in-depth and informative infographic.

They’ve made it sound pretty easy really… It’s just a case of putting the effort in and managing and monitoring yet another social media account. Perhaps it’s time to hire that VA?

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