How to use Vine to Market your Website

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One of the hottest marketing platforms in the last 12 months has been Vine. Vine is ridiculously simple in its approach, so simple that some people would see it as being prohibitive. In fact, having 6 seconds of video to use means that people can be incredibly creative. Since marketing is all about creativity, it seems to be a natural addition to your marketing strategy.

But how do you use Vine to make sure that you have an impact with your marketing? In this article we will look at a couple of ways you can make sure that you differentiate your Vine work from other marketing on the Internet. That six seconds could make a difference between you grabbing a customer and losing one, so pay attention.

One recent trend is ‘un-boxing’. This is where you take apart your product, and show each individual component, or take it out of the box and just go through a few features about the product. This can all be done in six seconds if you speed up the film or use stop motion. There’s plenty of examples out there on the Internet, including work by ASOS, which is a UK retailer. Vine fits it perfectly. Take a mundane or obvious bit of your product range and take it apart on vine for people to see how it works or how it is useful. It’s quick, it’s short, and it’s quirky.

Not Just Six Seconds

Never forget that you are not just limited to just six seconds either. There are plenty of apps out there that allow you to put your clips together. One good example of this is when companies ask their customers to put clips together that show why they like their products. Six seconds of a video clip may not seem much, but when its linked to another 10 sets of six seconds each you get a nice promotional film that is crowd sourced. There are some good apps out there including Cameo, which is entirely based on the cloud, and allows you to connect clips together. This crowd-sourced approach makes a great impact on the work that can be used in your marketing. This means you are also not constrained by six seconds, which can add more freedom to your work.

And don’t forget the ‘how-to’ video. How to videos have always been successful on the Internet, especially on YouTube. You can put together a small six-second clip of how to do something with your product, simply by speeding up the film. This is easy to do with vine itself as an app. It also looks quirky and fun. If you can get across in six seconds how to do something with your product your product looks quick, practical and effective.

Vine is certainly taking off, and not enough marketers yet know how to use it properly to showcase their product or service. Because of that, it’s up to you to try and take advantage of the platform. It is well worth investigating.

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