How to use Twitter for Blog Carnival Coordination?

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One of the best ways to get backlinks from high quality blogs is through a blog carnival. Blog carnivals have been around forever, they’re nothing new, however, they still work and they still deliver high value links. Still, too many bloggers abused the blog carnival concept and it’s not uncommon to see really superficial and low quality blog carnivals. It has got to the point that simply joining an existing blog carnival will end up with you losing out. It has got to the point where joining a blog carnival coordinated by somebody else will lead to you getting a low quality links.

It’s really important for you to take a more active role in coordinating blog carnivals. By being more active and being more in control, you can fine tune the type of links that you will generate and through blog carnival coordination. The good news is you don’t have to sort through a hundred of blogger emails to coordinate a blog carnival. You only need to use Twitter to put together a high value niche-targeted blog carnival. Here’s how you do it.

What are Blog Carnivals?

(Yes, the image may be a little misleading on that one, sorry about that!)

A blog carnival is when an authoritative host links to on-point or on-target posts on other blogs. Blog carnivals are like really rotating systems of bloggers where in one week, all other bloggers except the coordinator write a blog post that is then promoted in a summary post on the coordinator’s blog. So the coordinator creates a blog post that links to all the posts made by participating bloggers. All bloggers agree to write on a specific topic. These provide thematic unity to the blog carnival. Pretty straightforward, right? Keep reading below however as there are a series of problems.

The Problem with Traditional Blog Carnivals

The biggest problem with traditional blog carnivals is that the person coordinating the blog carnival doesn’t have a high enough page rank. To make matter’s worse, this person would coordinate with other bloggers that also have page rank zero or page rank n/a, this is a completely worthless blog carnival because whatever links are generated are low value. The good news is you can use Twitter to solve this problem. Keep reading below.

Use Twitter to Find High Value Blogs in your Niche

The great thing about Twitter is that a large percentage of bloggers have a Twitter account. In fact, they use Twitter to drive traffic to their blogs. Twitter is indispensable to them. This is why it’s quite easy to find bloggers in your niche that are active on Twitter. Use Twitter to find these people.

Next, send these bloggers an @ message or email them through their blog’s contact form to invite them to your blog carnival. Make sure you select the topic that is interesting enough for even high level bloggers to want to participate in. Contact all these bloggers and tell them to write on a specific topic and you will write a post that will summarize what they wrote and more importantly link to their post. You can also talk to one of the bloggers who has a fairly high page rank to possibly publish the post you’ve written, that links to all the other participating bloggers’ posts on the blog carnival topic.

This is not as easy as it sounds, for you to be able to pull this off, you have to already have a high level of credibility.

Start Blog Carnival

Don’t Expect Instant Results

Whether you are paying the host of the blog carnival or you are trying to get a blogger with higher page rank to host the blog carnival, you have to remember not to expect instant results. Bloggers are very busy, they’re not always going to respond to your email immediately, even if you contact them through Twitter, they might not respond instantly, so it’s really important that before you reach out to people, you need to establish credibility first.

You have to have either a lot of followers or you need to have shared a lot of high quality posts, regardless of what you do, you need to establish credibility. The good news is that you can buy Twitter followers. Think of it this way, you look less like a random stranger when you have 25,000 followers than if you were just a person with maybe 10 followers and asking to coordinate a blog carnival. Put yourself in the shoes of the blogger you solicited for the blog carnival, which person would you rather listen to? The Twitter user with 25,000 followers or the guy with 10 followers? Regardless of what you do, coordinating blog carnivals through Twitter can take quite a bit of time.

Why do it?

Considering the fact that it takes some time to put together a successful blog carnival, why should you go through with it? What’s in it for you? Well, among the many different forms of blog link coordination, blog carnivals have a high chance of getting high value blogs if you use Twitter. If you filter your bloggers well enough and you focus only on niche-specific blogs, the quality of SEO backlinks you would generate through this coordinated blog carnival, is going to be much higher than a random blog carnival.

Be Prepared

Before you contact people, you have to be an expert. At the very least, you must have posted stuff that is on topic, you must have posted a high quality material in your niche, otherwise people will not take you seriously or otherwise you would look like just a random person looking to build backlinks, in other words, you would look like an SEO spammer. You don’t want to look like that, instead you need to have a track record of publishing the highest quality niche relevant content. The best way to do this is to use hootsuite to do bulk publishing. Now you strip out the best blog post from the best blogs in your niche, load them up on Hootsuite, add hashtags to them, add @ messages to influential people in your niche. Keep doing this with Hootsuite and you will establish a track of record of a content expertise.

Once you have established a decent level of expertise and you have a decent number of followers, you can then start reaching out to bloggers in your niche, this would make coordinating a blog carnival much easier and much more profitable.

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