How to Use Low-Cost E-Book Writing Services to Market your Local Offline Business

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If you have an offline business, you know full well that it is dog eat dog out there. This is specially true if you are engaged in services. Whether you are a plumber, a lawyer, a doctor, a dentist. The local market for services can truly be discouraging. The reality is that, if you are a new lawyer out to make a name for yourself in your particular municipal district or particular area, you have your work cut out for you. Why? There are older lawyers with older practices who have been around longer and they have more extensive networks, people know them and they have become solid local brands.

In many cases, they vacuum up the client base that you could be recruiting for your practice. The same reality applies to plumbers, doctors, dentists and other service providers. The offline business world can really be tough for new entrants and for people who have been around for a few years. You need a competitive advantage. The good news is that one of the most effective and cheapest ways to get a competitive advantage in marketing your offline business or local business is to become a published author. Getting you own e-book or hard bound self-published book created, can be one of the smartest marketing moves you will ever make. Here are the reasons why:

The Prestige of Being a Published Author

When you meet a lawyer or a doctor, for example, they can talk about all the complicated cases or procedures that they have worked on in the past. This can only go so far in terms of building respect and credibility. However, when they say that they are a published author, your ears automatically prick up. Very few people can make that claim. Very few people are published. Very few people go through the time, effort and bother of getting their expertise published in printed form whether offline or online.

There is a certain power to that phrase, published author. It impresses the end user and definitely impresses people that are looking to refer end users to service providers. After all, if you are going to be referring your friends and family members to service providers, there is a little bit of your personal prestige on the line. You can get a higher level of credibility and appreciation from your friends and family when you are referring them to published authors.

The Reality of Modern Publishing

The reality of modern publishing is that offline books are losing their prestige very quickly. More and more people are reading books through digital gadgets and devices like tablets and smart phones or specialized digital reading devices like Kindles. The fast developing reality is that, Kindle and e-books are just as prestigious as offline hard covered books. If you ever thought that a self published e-book will result in less reputation for you than a hard cover book, say goodbye to those doubts. The reality is that, e-books are fast developing more prestige than offline books.

Offline Success Depends on Credibility and Trust

If you want to gain new customers for your local business, you have to understand that you can only sell your service if people trust you. The problem is, there is too much competition with other local providers. If you are published author, your business cards have more punch to them. Being a published author gives you an edge, gives you instant credibility. After all, when you are a published author, it automatically assumes that you are an expert in your field. Little do the recipients know that you are self-published author. All they see is that you got published somewhere. Automatically, their minds adds several credibility points to your name. A leverage this immediate reaction is to your advantage.

The Know-Like-Trust-Buy Process

The reality of selling offline or online is that, it has to go through the buying process. The buying process is not quick and easy. In many cases, it can take quite a while. For people to buy your products or services, they must first trust you. For them to trust you, they must first feel that they like you. For them to feel that they like you, they must first feel that they know you. What better way to jump start this otherwise long and involved process than whipping out your own self-published book or referring people to a URL that includes the PDF file for your self-published book? Your self-published book can jump start the know-like-trust-buy process. In fact, it can add gasoline to the process, instead of the whole step by step process taking forever, you can get to the trust stage much faster when you inform people that you are a published author.

Word of Mouth Spreads Easier with Book Expertise

The problem with promoting your local business through word of mouth is that, it takes quite a while for word of mouth to work. In many cases, people have to be sufficiently familiar with the level of service and quality that you provide for them to refer friends and family members to you. After all, they are laying their personal credibility with these people by referring service providers to them. They can lose face, or they can get embarrassed if they send them a bum referral. If you are a published author, all these goes away. People are more likely to listen to a referral when they hear the magic phrase published author in his or her field. If you are a published author in your field of expertise, it is easier for people to refer you. It is easier for you to expand your reach in your local area.

Considering how competitive the market for local services and retail products has become, you need to use all the marketing tools under your disposal to give your local business a competitive edge. By becoming a self-published authority in your field today, you can start putting some distance between your local brand your competitors. Get started today!

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