How To Get Rare Keywords

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Make no mistake about it. If you want to dominate the search engine optimization game for your niche, you need to get serious about key words. Your key words are like the addresses that search engines use to find your content. You have to be at the right address. You have to configure your address correctly. Otherwise, you are not going to get much traffic from search engines.

In case you do not already know, search engine traffic, regardless of what haters say, is probably the best kind of traffic out there. Why? People are actually searching for you. They intend to go and find content that you have. You get traffic exactly at the precise moment in time your target audience is the most interested in your content. It does not get any better than that, folks.

Do not listen to the lie that search engine is not targeted, that search engine traffic does not convert, forget all that. The reality is if you want a sustainable, stable and high quality source of traffic, you have to have an SEO strategy. There are no two ways around it. The good new is, as soon as you figure out a winning key word strategy, you have a leg up on the SEO race. It is all about finding the right rare key words. Why? Your competition do not focus on these rare key words. When you optimize for these rare key words, you dominate those key words. Get enough of those key words and you have small trickles of traffic that add up to a mighty river of targeted traffic. You can then convert this river of targeted traffic into cold hard cash in your wallet. See how this pans out? Keep reading below.

Using Adwords Keyword Planner is Bad News

If you are thinking of just using Google Adwords key word planner to find key words for your SEO initiative, you might as well not start. Seriously. Using Google Adwords key word planner, in of itself, based on industry key words is really a waste of time. Why? You are only going to retrieve stuff that is related to the stuff you searched for. Everyone in your niche has probably seen the same key word targets.

As a result, those key words are highly competitive. If you are just starting out now, and you are trying to gun after popular key words, you are just wasting your time. Even if you shoot for less popular long tail key words. If you try to find key words using Adwords key planner the regular way, you are just setting yourself up to lose. Do not even try it.

Thankfully, there are Alternatives

You are still going to be using Google Adwords key word planner, however, you are going to use it in a very weird way. Here are some clever ways to get alternative key words that are very rare. You need to get these rare key words so you can get a competitive advantage. Your competition are not targeting these key words. The more rare key word you retrieve, the better you will look, because you will dominate more targeted search terms and these search terms can add up to quite a bit of cash later on.

What alternatives are out there? Find your competitor’s top blog posts, get their URLs, enter these URLs into Google’s Adwords key word planner landing page section. You will get key word ideas that are quite rare. Alternatively, you can use forum posts, enter the URL as a landing page, and you will get ideas. The same goes with Reddit. In fact, you can use all sorts of URLs from all sorts of websites just to get rare targeted key words. The more keywords you retrieve, the better.

Get Rare Keywords that are Easier to Rank for

Once you have tried the methods above, get a massive list of all the rare key words that are specific to your niche. As long as they are actually getting traffic, it does not really matter if they are getting only a smattering of traffic. It does not really matter that these traffic streams are basically trickles. Your game plan is to optimize for this huge list of rare and low-competition key words, so you can build a massive stream of traffic. The good news is, this traffic is highly targeted, as you probably already know, the more targeted traffic is, the higher the chance it will convert.

Content Optimization

It is extremely important that you optimize content for these rare key words. There might no be all that many competing pages for these key words but do not let this fact make you complacent. Do targeted searches for related popular blog posts that involve these rare key words. Try to create better versions of those popular blog posts. This is fairly easy to do. You can either make longer lists, or you can make deeper and more informative how to types of articles.

Regardless of which approach you use, make sure you put a lot of informational graphics, diagrams, slide shows, and even video into the improved versions of those top posts. Make sure that these improved versions are targeting your rare key words. If you play this game right, it is going to be very hard to dislodge you from dominating those targeted key words, because you have already gone through all the trouble of producing the very best content for those rare key words.

The great thing about the method above is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you only need to build on what your competitors are already doing right. You are building your online properties on the solid ground laid by your competitors while avoiding their mistakes. Compare this method from having to figure things out the hard way on your own. Doing the latter will take too much time, too much effort, and too much money. Get your competitors to do your homework instead. Keep the tips above in mind.

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