How to Find a Website Copywriter that Doesn’t SUCK

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Make no mistake about it, the Internet is still heavily dependent on content. You might think that the Internet is dependent on functionality, online tools, video and other alternative forms of content. You would be absolutely right, but text content still forms the huge bulk of the Internet. If you want to make it as an online publisher, and you want to make a decent living online through affiliate sales or direct sales or memberships, you need to make sure that you feature the right content.

The reason for this is that the substance of a great content pulls in traffic. Content is like the bait that you put on a hook that gets the fish. The fish of course are your target readers. Content quality engages people that you want to reach. High-quality content gets people to do stuff for your benefit. It gets them to sign up for an email list that gets them to click on ads. It gets them to buy stuff. Always keep these two factors in mind. Content is used to pull in traffic. And content is used to engage that traffic. You’re not going to make money online, and you’re going to absolutely fail if any of these two factors is missing in your content.

The Temptation of Paying the Least Amount of Money as Possible

You don’t have to be in the online marketing game for too long to see how many online publishers patronize people that are willing to write content for a measly amount of money. We’re talking fractions of a penny here. It’s almost impossible for Americans to live on such low rates. Think of it this way. A one thousand word article would cost only two dollars. Since it takes about an hour and a half to write a thousand word article, then you can see that the people offering these types of pricing don’t live in the United States; most of them live in the developing world.

Unfortunately, the temptation to save money this way is almost overwhelming. In the minds of many of these would be online publishers, they’re saving precious capital for other investment opportunities. After all, they’re thinking the lower their costs, the easier it is to generate a profit. Well, I’m sorry to report that if you think this way, you are basically digging your own financial grave. Keep reading below.

The Problem with Paying Dirt Cheap Rates

The problem with paying dirt cheap rates for website copywriters is the fact that if you pay peanuts, you’ll only attract monkeys. While there are rare occasions when excellent writers will write for fractions of a penny, for the most part, they won’t. For the most part, even if they offer such really low rates, they won’t continue to do so on a permanent basis.

The reality is that when you feature low quality content on your website, your brand suffers. You have to understand that making money online is really all about building a credible and authoritative brand. You can’t build much of a brand if your content sucks. If it s filled with grammar errors, sentence constriction errors, or very basic errors like spelling errors and this is just the basic. Even if the content that you paid a few dollars for is technically clean, it may still have such low levels of engagement that you’re not going to make much money of it.

Remember, for people to do what you want them to do you have to engage them. Unfortunately, low quality content is not engaging. In many cases, it’s a chore to read. Whatever money you paid for low quality content is wasted because you lose more money with low engagement low quality content than the profit you generate. Even if you were to make some money, you end up settling for cents on the dollar compared to the kind of money you would be making if you publish the best content.

Be Clear about the Niche you Want to Target

If you want to find a website copywriter that can help you truly make money online, you have to not just pay that person decently, but you also have to pick the right specialist. There are many writers out there that really don’t care what niche they write for. They will write on anything and everything under the sun. The problem with the content that they generate is that while it may be technically clean, the content doesn’t have either enough information or enough engagement for that content to pay for itself. This is why it’s always a good idea to ask for writers that specialized in the niche you are targeting. Look for specialists. Targeted writers are more passionate. They’re more knowledgeable, and as a result, they produce higher-quality content.

Make no mistake about it, your target audience members are not stupid. They can see right through low-quality low-passion and low-value content. You fail to develop an online brand when they see the low-quality content that you offer.

Always Ask for Writing Samples in your Niche

If you think you’ve identified a specialize writer in your niche, always ask for writing sample that focus on your niche. You can quickly separate the people who are faking it from the people who are making it. You can see the frauds from the people who are writing professionals. Writing professionals produce clean content. Writing professionals write in a very engaged way. Writing professionals write distinctive enough content that gets your website noticed apart from your competition.

Select Based on Engagement Level

At the very least, look for writers who write in a very personality driven and passion driven way. This fuels the quality of their text content. Stay away from the writers who write in a very dull, boring and flat way. You’re not gonna make much money off their content.

Select Writers who have the SEO Basics Down

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should hire SEO specialists. They cost a lot of money. However, you should select writers who have the basics of SEO down. This means that they know the matters of page SEO. Let’s face it, on page SEO, it’s pretty simple and straight forward. How simple and straight forward? You can actually create a checklist. Is the target keyword of the article in the title? Is the title engaging enough to snag real human readers? Are the keywords in subheadings? Are the subheadings written is an exciting way that gets the reader motivated to read even further down? Did the writer write around themes or specifically just target certain keyword phrases These? are the questions you should ask yourself because these are the questions that separate people who just know how to stuff keywords into an article and real and effective writers.

Make no mistake about it, your investment in the right website copywriter can mean the difference between your online publishing business succeeding or failing. Look for website copywriters who meet the criteria listed above. Don’t just focus on price. Don’t focus on what you’re losing. Focus instead on what you will be making. Alternatively, focus on the business you would be losing by failing to develop a solid online brand because you chose to publish low-quality and low-engagement content.

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