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Rand Fishkin is the head honcho of one of the most respected SEO software companies on the planet. I am, of course, talking about Moz. Moz is an amazing suite of online software that gives you the information you need to make progress with SEO in this day and age.

I am sorry to break it to you and you probably know it deep down, but SEO has become much more difficult after the Google Penguin and Panda algorithm updates with more due to come any time this year. Sure, you can probably rank high for some keywords temporarily, but that is the extent of it. Google Penguin and its subsequent updates has made SEO a running game. It used to be that you only needed to know a few Black Hat tricks and you basically got Google’s tail for six months or even longer. Gone are those days.

Google means business. Google is not screwing around. It’s finally getting to the stage where Google knew it should have been years ago. It’s evolving to ensure the focus is on quality content. In the middle of all these algorithm updates, changes to the SERPs and constant new requirements from Google stands Mr Fishkin.

Rand Fishkin is one of the biggest names in White Hat SEO. This guy is the real deal. He makes millions of dollars every single year because he deserves it (read:assumed). He actually produces a service that delivers ethical SEO results.

If you are still unclear as to why you should pay attention to Rand Fishkin and follow him on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, here are the top five reasons why you should do so.

Reason #1: Rand Knows his Stuff

This might seem like a no-brainer. Of course, why would you follow somebody that does not know his stuff? Well, this is the SEO industry that we are talking about. Nine times out of ten, the self-proclaimed SEO experts out there or acclaimed or reputed SEO gurus, are actually not experts at all. In fact, most of these people sound very similar. This is not an accident, this is by design. The reason why they seem to be repeating the same information again and again is because they basically read the same blogs, they read the same websites, they pay attention to the same Twitter feeds, they basically just repeat the same information.

Rand Fishkin is not one of these people. Why? He is the first guy to say something and these idiots just basically repeat it. Instead of being mesmerized by these fake SEO expert wannabes, go straight to the source. Rand Fishkin knows his stuff. He knows the fundamentals of SEO, he knows how search engines work, and more importantly, he knows where search engines are going.

You have to understand that constantly performs complicated experiments where they basically try to mimic and predict behavior of search engines. They have many test websites out there that are basically listening outposts as to where the general direction Google is going. Also, Rand and his team keep an eagle eye on Google’s patents. Whenever Google tries to patent new search technology, Rand Fishkin is on the case. This guy knows his stuff. I wish I can say the same about the ninety-nine percent of all the other so-called ‘online marketing gurus’ out there, most of those people can not get their heads out of their back sides.

The best way to see the passion and knowledge Rand has is by checking out the Whiteboard Friday category on the Moz blog.

Reason #2: Rand is Up-to-Date

As I have mentioned earlier, SEO after Google Penguin really is a fast moving game. You can not just rely on the stuff that worked ten or even five years ago. You have to pay attention to what is working now with a clear understanding that what is currently working might not work in the future. More disturbingly, things that are ethical now might not be perceived by Google as White Hat or ethical in the future. Rand is up to date with all these stuff, because as I mentioned earlier, is constantly doing all sorts of experiments that really pay attention to the general trends of SEO technology and SEO practices. This guy is one in a hand full of guys you should pay attention to on a daily basis, because if he says something about what Google is doing, you might want to pay attention and do your own research. This might lead to something big in the future.

Reason #3: Rand is Very Well Respected

Rand has become a big name in the world of SEO, not because he throws out well crafted press releases, not because he creates this online persona that is basically just an elaborate fraud, no. This guy is the real deal because he has worked with highly respected people in the industry, he and his software have produced solid results for the people that mater in this industry. These are people that spent millions of dollars in ad spending every single year. These people know who to trust with their money. These people know where to invest their advertising dollars. They rate Rand very highly, and so should you. This guy’s words have impact because people that matter pay attention to what he is saying. People that are movers and shakers, not just in the SEO world but in the world of online advertising and online agencies in general, put a lot of weight on his opinion.

Reason #4: Rand is in on the Drama

If you like romance novels or you like Korean or Spanish drama television series, or you are a big soap opera fan, you would be pleased to hear that there is also a lot of drama in the SEO world. That is right. All the chills, spills and hurt feelings that you would see in the small screen also play out in the blogosphere.

There are a lot of people that get penalized by Google, there are a lot of people that claim inside information that turns out to be fake, there is just so much going on. A lot of it is fake, a lot of it is self serving, a lot of it is just manufactured controversy to get back links.

Rand has his ear on the drama and he can clearly tell which is fake and which is worth paying attention to. He has deep connections and can quickly fill you in on the hottest controversies in SEO land. If you do not want to be left behind by your competition, you need to pay attention to’s blog because it contains the latest drama, the latest gossip and, most importantly, the latest analysis as to late breaking developments.

Reason #5: Rand Knows the Agency Mindset

The top dogs in the SEO world are the agencies. These are players that spend millions of dollars on SEO work. If you are trying to get work in the SEO industry, whether as a writer, as a link-builder, as an analyst, a researcher or you wear many different hats, you would want to work for an agency.

Agencies pay good money. We are talking several thousand dollars every single month. In fact, there are many SEO workers and freelancers that work with just a couple of agencies and they are pretty much set. They work only a few hours every week, but the amount of money they generate is the same as the amount of money a person working two jobs make.

Make no mistake about it. SEO can be very lucrative. However, you have to be in the good graces of agencies. If you are trying to get a deal with an agency or you are trying to work with an agency, it is always a good idea to pay attention to what Rand Fishkin is saying. He knows the agency mindset. He knows what agencies look for. He knows the kind of jobs agencies are offering. He knows the kind of training that they expect from people who wish to work for them on a freelance or full time basis.

The SEO agency is the apex of the pyramid in the freelance game. Even if you are not a freelancer it is a good idea to know how this end of the market is shaping up. Why? You yourself might end up putting up an agency. That is right, do not write out this possibility. You have to understand that some of the bigger niche or boutique agencies in the SEO industry started out as riders or random people that basically just read up on SEO. The more they did SEO the better they got, until eventually they got enough clients that they set up their own agencies. Now, these agencies are making millions of dollars. Ran Fish can introduce you to that world. Getting into Rand Fish’s mind will help you get into the mindset of the typical agency owner, director and mover and shaker.

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