Does the Perfect Niche Exist?

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You’d be surprised as to the types of questions you get when you visit a webmaster message board or affiliate marketing message board, people ask the dumbest questions. One of the most common questions you get is, “What is the best niche?” or “What is the perfect niche?” You keep hearing this again and again and it’s not surprising that most people get annoyed by this.

The reality is that there is no such thing as the best or the most perfect niche, it just doesn’t exist. There is no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all formula for life. What works for you, works for you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it will automatically work for other people. What works for other people might be horrible when applied to you, see how that works? In many cases,  different aspects of our lives are completely subjective, they are creations and products of our own circumstances in our own set of needs and values. So, instead of looking at selecting a niche from the perspective of what is “best”, focus instead on you.

What are the things that you can offer? Focus on your market, focus on what hot trends are there, and filter this based on what you can offer. Using these two key principles, you will be several steps ahead of people trying to identify a perfect niche, why? You focus on what you have and you focus on things as they exist. Instead of dreaming up this perfect situation or perfect arrangements, you focus on what’s real. When you do this, you go a long way in identifying the perfect niche for you than other people that try to run their businesses based on other people’s standards, and what makes sense to the other people.

I can’t phrase it in simpler enough terms: If you live your life based on other people’s standards, you will constantly fail and will constantly be frustrated. Live your life based on your standards, based on what makes sense to you. Of course, this means staying within the law and treating other people right, but, you need to focus first on you and your customer, and producing the right fit – that is the rule to arriving at the perfect niche, everything else doesn’t make sense. 

Focus on what you can Offer

The problem with looking at online marketing based on some sort of canned formula that if you focus on this niche, you will be successful, is that you are ultimately trying to live somebody else’s life. You are ultimately trying to follow somebody else’s formula. Sure, that formula worked for them because of factors within the control of the background and the background of the person following that formula, that formula might fall apart for you. So, instead of getting caught up in moneymaking blueprints, sure-money methods and formulas, clear all that stuff from your mind; focus instead on writing down the stuff that you’re interested about, write down the stuff that you’re passionate talking about, write down the stuff that get you excited enough to write about those things, and write about the things that you like to do.

By focusing on your strengths, you can then filter using market filtration techniques whichever covered below, you cannot filter what you cannot offer. You can then identify key assets that you can use to turn into a cold hard cash, this is how you find the perfect niche, it all begins with what is perfect for you – not somebody else, but to you.

Focus on What’s Hot

Every industry focuses on need – people need stuff, people need solutions, people have problems and they need those problems fixed; so, when it comes to need, there are certain needs that are more popular than others or are more pressing than others, these are hot trends. So, when you are in a niche, or you’re thinking of identifying a niche, focus on what’s hot, focus on what people are excited about. You then have to look at history and analyze this strength. Is it flash in the pan? Is it a one time thing?

Is it a fad? Or, is this something deep seated and really would stand the test of time? If you see a hot issue that will be able to survive throughout the years, then you are on a hot niche; however, regardless of how hot that particular niche is, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to concentrate on that niche. You have to filter it based on your passion. Are you passionate about the niche? Is there some aspect of your personality that fits the niche? Finally, you need to apply another filter. Look at what’s hot on social media and forums, and analyze them. This form some sort of corroboration regarding how substantive the hot niche is.

Find the Commercial Angle

Now that you found something that’s hot, that you are excited about, the game isn’t over yet. You can’t just sit down and start building a business based on this niche yet, hold your horses; don’t get too excited yet. There is another filter you need to apply. There has to be a commercial angle to that hot topic that you are excited about. It has to be commercial, in other words, the advertisers would pay a money to be on a blog that focuses on that issue.

Alternatively, end users would pay money for services based on that particular solution. This isn’t actually very easy to figure out, however, using Google Adwords campaign planner, you can get a rough guess as to how commercial a particular niche is. Why filter based on commercial angle? Very simple. Passion doesn’t pay your bills, advertising interest does. Find commercial topics and create thematic boundary around them; in other words, know how far and wide this topic extends. Some topics are quite limited, so be clear as to how broad are the themes located in this topic or niche.

Study your Competition and Find Gray Areas

Now that you have identified a niche that you really like to get into, again, don’t get too excited just yet. You need to use your competition to do your homework for you.  Regardless of the niche that you’re too excited about, chances are, there are already people who are targeting that niche ahead of you. That’s how the internet works, information moves really quickly and people jump on niches all the time, this is just a fact of life. The good news is that, just because you are not the first mover in that particular niche, doesn’t mean that you lost out, don’t think that way.

If anything, your competition, by already targeting your niche is running into all sorts of problems and solving those problems. You can then identify what they’re doing right and build on those; and identify the things that they are doing wrong an avoid those. Study your competition and figure out if there are any gray areas regarding their niche coverage. Are they covering all of the niche, or are there other niches or sub-niches that they are ignoring, overlooking or just don’t know about? So, make sure that you spend a lot of time finding areas your competitors aren’t covering. Why do you need to do this? If you are the only blog or website that covers those areas, you stand out from your competition. Compare this situation to the more common situation where hundreds of people are talking about the same things and the same niche, it’s like they’re repeating each other, nobody stands out in that environment because they are basically just duplicating each others content. See the difference.

Let your Audience Help you be a Niche Master

At this stage, you should build your websites based on those gray areas of this hot niche that you’re interested in. You, of course, must be passionate about this niche. Once you have built your blog on your website, you should engage the people that read your content.  At first, you should learn from them. You should actively ask them questions so that they can give you suggestions on how you can improve your blog or your website. Turn them into an asset, these aren’t just random people that are visiting your blog or website, these are just people that you need to put money in your pocket.  You need to look at your audience as your partners. You need to look at your audience as a means of getting the knowledge that you need to truly become the master of your niche.

Build a Community Around your Niche

By engaging your content readers and getting feedback from them that you can then use for your blog post, you build trust. Remember, when it comes to succeeding online, it’s all about the know-like-trust-buy process. By getting people to trust you and know you, you increase your likelihood of actually making money online. Moreover, you also increase the chance that people would become emotionally invested readers of your blog. If this happens, they end up promoting your blog as well, why? They are emotionally invested in the success of your blog. Seeing your blog succeed makes them happy. This is where you need to be. This is what you need to work for.

Instead of focusing on a perfect niche, focus instead on finding a niche that works for you. Once you find something that you are happy with, that has a commercial appeal, you can use systematic strategies to gain a competitive advantage in your space. Follow the tips above so you can do that.

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  1. Louisa Chandler

    This is really useful information. I think one of the best things I ever realised was that I had things to offer which others couldn’t. Sure on paper we were in the same niche but the devil’s in the detail as they say and I relaxed into promoting my personal angle which gave me much more notoriety and set me apart.There is a lot of good advice here thank you!

  2. Annie Marie Peters

    In this ‘get rich quick’ culture, everyone seems to be looking for the perfect niche. As you mentioned, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Be creative, be unique, and read this article once a day until you find your solution. Great tips yet again, Lewis!

  3. John Medley

    It obviously does bot I love the tips you are pointing out here.
    Good going!


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