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Copy Writing is all about the words on the page that do the selling from your optin forms to your sales pages.

How to Find a Website Copywriter that Doesn’t SUCK

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Make no mistake about it, the Internet is still heavily dependent on content. You might think that the Internet is dependent on functionality, online tools, video and other alternative forms of content. You would be absolutely right, but text content still forms the huge bulk of the Internet. If you want to make it as an online publisher, and you want to make a decent living online through affiliate sales or direct sales or memberships, you need to make sure that you feature the right content.

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The Top Ten Reasons Why Most Video Sales Pages Fail

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I have been studying video sales page failures for quite some time now, that there’s really only one way to cover everything I have learnt: A top ten list. So, make no mistake about it, I am not over promising with my title. I am going to give you the top ten reasons, based on my research, why video sales pages fail. I am also going to go deep into each reason, unlike the usual top ten articles that throw up a quick list and leave it at that.

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