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How to Write a Decent Blog Post in Twenty Minutes or Less

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If you are a blogger, you probably already know that to be successful at blogging, you have to blog about subjects that you are passionate about but at the same time have commercial value and have a wide enough audience. Also it helps if you are blogging about a niche that has a fairly limited set of competitors. With that said, blogging can still be a chore. It’s too easy to get caught up in the blogging process and take forever to write a blog post.

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Who Wins when Google Hides the Ball with Keywords?

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you would notice that your statistics counter, whether it’s Google’s analytics or a third party statistics counting software, would show that the keywords used on Google to find your web page is “not provided”. This move by Google to hide its organic search terms has left many search engine optimization professionals scratching their heads.

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Blackhat SEO Tactics Profile: Dropped Domain Link Network Building

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One of the easiest Blackhat SEO tactics currently available that is still fairly hard to detect is the use of dropped domains. As you already know, you need back links to do SEO properly. Search engines like Google have not yet evolved to the point where they can completely disregard link signals. Google and Bing are still very much dependent on back links.

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If you Want to Destroy your Google Rankings? Do these…

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After Google rolled out the Panda update, the world of search engine optimization has really been turned upside down. There are lots of Black Hat SEO specialist that say “well, whatever Google does, they will always manage to beat Google”. Well, this is just bravado. This is just empty talk. The reality is, deep down the most seasoned Black Hat SEO specialist is shaking in his or her boots. The game has changed after 2011. You would be a fool to think otherwise. Unfortunately, many people still conduct SEO like it was 2008 or 2004.

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Say Goodbye to Article Directories as Link Sources

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It’s too easy to get addicted to link directories as sources of backlinks. After all, what’s easier than filling up a form, making sure the keywords are correct, clicking submit and seeing your article published after a short period of waiting? You get quick and easy backlinks this way. Unfortunately, what makes the process so easy and appealing is exactly what makes it so dangerous.

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What Happens when we Forget about SEO?

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Believe it or not, there’s a lot more traffic on the internet besides SEO traffic. After all, as important and powerful as search engines may be, they are not the complete story when it comes to internet traffic. There are many ways you can get traffic from the internet. In fact, if you get on a website that allows you to build a link that links out to an outside site, you are looking at a potential source of traffic. It really is that basic?

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Is There Really Such a Thing as a White Hat or Black Hat SEO?

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Google defines Black Hat SEO as manipulation of links for a site to rank higher in Google’s search engine ranking pages. This much is clear from Google’s quality guidelines. It frowns upon and will penalize any action that seeks to artificially manipulate links for a website to rank higher. This is going to be a problem. Why? This is the essence of link building.

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How to Use Yahoo Answers to Produce Responsive Content

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Make no mistake about it. If you want to make money online, you really have to to be on your toes regarding the content that you produce. According to some estimates, there are approximately two million pieces of online content generated every single day. That is how competitive online publishing has become. It is too easy to get lost in the noise. It is too easy to fall between the cracks. Your target audience is always on the hunt for high value content. They are always on the hunt for content that they can respond to and that they can be engaged by.

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Get More Traffic with Evergreen Content

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If you want to work once and reap the rewards many times, there are only a few things you can do online. Most of time, you have to basically chase your lunch. If you want to earn, you have to basically be active in chasing after traffic. If you want to build up the authority of your website, most of time, you must post news items to build authority. Posting news items is problematic because once the news gets old, there is less traffic for that piece of content. You are back to square one.

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Exorcising the Black Magic Out of Email List Marketing

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Every time I come across a sales page that is promoting email list marketing, I get the urge to tear my hair out. Seriously. There is so much hype about this particular form of online marketing, it is just unbelievable. All sorts of claims are made to push all sorts of email list marketing-related products. From emails to webinars, to coaching series, you name it, all these are being peddled with all sorts of wild claims that really stretch one’s imagination to the breaking point.

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