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How to Use Twitter Like a Pro

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You don’t have to be a big fan of web master or Internet marketing forums to get the idea that Twitter is a marketing gold mine. It truly is. Twitter is a marketing tool that can take your business to higher levels. Twitter is a very powerful marketing resource because it automates word of mouth.

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How to Get Real Value from Blog Comments

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It used to be very easy to get backlinks from blogs. All you need to do was use your keyword as your name and link it with your target url, you then just post any garbage blog comment and click submit. If the blog owner isn’t paying attention or doesn’t care, your blog comment approves and you get a backlink. It was very easy to milk the internet for cheap backlinks. Well the golden age of blog comment SEO spam is way behind us.

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Stop Wasting your Time on Worthless Press Releases

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Back in 2007, it was very easy to rank on Google, seriously it was. All you need to do was, get a master list of all these free press release on websites come up with this dinky press release that doesn’t really say anything, but as your backlinks on it using your main anchor keywords. You then use a piece of software to blast these free press release sites with your low quality press release. Hoala, almost overnight you can rank quite high on Google searches depending on how competitive your keywords are and depending also on which press release sites published your press release.

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Seven Reasons Why Most Social Media Profiles Fail

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Make no mistake about it, social media marketing is here to stay. Thanks to the evolution in Google’s argyle with them. Social media mentions and social media presence in general are fast becoming indispensable. Whether you focus on Google plus, Facebook or Twitter or even Pinterest, it’s very important to pay careful attention to your social media profile. Too many people confuse building a simple social media profile as social media marketing.

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What can Affiliate Marketers Learn from the Decline of Online Porn

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Sex sells, right? Well, not necessarily. Especially not if you’re selling standard website porn. That’s right, you read that right-sex isn’t selling as much online as before. Don’t get me wrong. I am not at all saying that people aren’t interested in online porn. They are. In fact, the traffic to certain types of online sites are exploding. Interest and traffic are not the problem.

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Some Less Saturated Ways to Find Hot Online Niches

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Make no mistakes about it, if you want to make money online, you have to focus on the right niches. Niches are the subject matter categories products fall under. The more you focus on niches and the more focused your marketing materials, the higher the chance you’ll enjoy more sales. By being aware of niches, you can get a competitive advantage by avoiding highly saturated, highly competitive, or low value niches.

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Life Beyond The Twitter Circle Jerk

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Twitter explodes your online message. You have probably heard this before. Maybe you’re even sick of hearing it. Well, people are only repeating it because there is a lot of truth to that statement. If you ever need proof of Twitter’s ability to turn an otherwise obscure message into a very popular message that takes countries or even the world by storm, you only need to look into the history of the Arab Spring uprisings. All that social change and tumult courtesy of social media.

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Why do Most Curated Content Sites Never Fail to Disappoint?

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On its face, content curation should get anybody looking to make money online excited. Really, it should. After all, whether you plan to make money through CPA offers or pay per click ad clicks, you need lots of content to draw traffic. Sadly, original content can cost quite a bit of money. Content curation can rescue you from the high cost of content. You only need to copy and paste certain blocks of text from a source and you’re good to go.

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Tired of Mailing Lists that Don’t Make Any Money? Try this!

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The money is in the list. How many times have you run into this saying online? Chances are, if you read webmaster or affiliate marketing forums, you have hit on this saying more than a few times. In fact, many online marketers swear by this saying. The reality is that for every one hundred marketers that go through the time, effort, and bother of getting a domain name, setting up a landing page, taking out an autoresponder account at GetResponse or Aweber, only a handful make any money off their mailing list.

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Forum Marketing Doesn’t Have to be a Waste of Time

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Have you tried fishing by shooting fish in a barrel? Sounds pretty awesome, no? No more need to find the right fishing spot or chasing different pools of fish with a fish finder. You only need to shoot randomly in a barrel full of fish and you’re sure to bring up a fish. Sadly, too many online marketers and online promoters think of forum marketing along these lines. While the high level of subject specificity and niche targeting can yield highly targeted traffic from forums, most would be forum marketers get the forum marketing game wrong. Dead wrong.

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