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Today I interviewed Jordan Kasteler, the Senior SEO Manager for the agency, Red Door Interactive. He has been involved in digital marketing since 2001, running SEO and content marketing programs in a variety of settings. He has worked in the non-profit sector, client-side, agency-side, entrepreneurial-side, and as an independent consultant for companies such as Overstock, BlueGlass, and PETA.

JordanJordan is considered an industry expert, regularly contributing to publications like Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, internationally speaking at conferences like SearchMarketingeXpo (SMX), Search Engine Strategies (SES), and Pubcon, and is the author of A to Z: Social Media Marketing.

Let’s just put it this way: He knows his stuff and has years and years of experience. So here goes, a quick interview with Jordan Kasteler.

1. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed Jordan, so first could you just explain a little about what you do?

Thank YOU! I currently consult for and manage various client accounts, at the agency Red Door Interactive, to ensure SEO success in campaigns and processes. My expertise is in technical SEO and content marketing.

2. And how did you first get into the ever growing world of SEO?

I truly started SEO before it had a name and before I knew I was doing SEO. I started creating sites in my Jr. High years where I’d get them ranked on via meta tags. It wasn’t until my self-taught experience in web development and graphic design led to me a job where SEO was part of what I did in creating sites. Upon graduating high school (2001) is when I pursued that full-time and have been involved with SEO since.

3. The last few years have seen Google’s fluffy animal algorithm updates… Is it becoming harder and harder to rank in the SERPs?

Since getting involved in SEO, while I’m used to things changing, I haven’t seen a bigger shake up than the last few years. It’s definitely changed this industry in many ways. Unique and clever tactics are rare any more. Black hat SEO still works in many ways unfortunately but it’s good to see most shying away from it. It’s also good to see snake oil SEO businesses not able to keep up and shutting down because they can no longer provide results with their unethical tactics.

4. For the rest of 2014 and beyond, what do you think the key is to a successful SEO strategy?

I presented on 2014 search and social strategies at SLCSEM earlier this year. Some highlights from that are:
· Focus on building a brand
· There’s too much convergence to treat social, mobile, or local in a silo.
· Focus on topics and audience vs keywords
· Create content for visibility, not keywords
· Make titles enticing vs a list of keywords you want to rank for
· Focus on usability, accessibility and conversions
· Think less about link building and more about press, public relations, and branding buzz: Relationship marketing and influencer outreach are the best ways to do so.
· Create and promote helpful, informational, education, and well-designed and formatted content.

5. Finally, one piece of advice you’d give to any marketer looking to spend some time or money (or both) on SEO?

Don’t waste time or money on figuring out what competitors are doing. Just focus on being the best you can be.

Another BIG thank you to Jordan for agreeing to be interviewed for the Marketing Bees blog. There’s certainly a lot to take away from our short interview. You can of course follow Jordan on Twitter, find him Facebook and Google+ and even Linkedin of course.

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