An Interview with Analytics Guru Annie Cushing

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Annie Cushing from Annielytics, a complete guru when it comes to all things analytical, has agreed to answer a few questions about the importance of analytics. As a webmaster and online marketer, knowing all the stats can ensure you’re growing your business in the right direction.

1. You’re a lover of all things analytical in the world of online marketing… Where did that come from?

That’s a great question. I’m naturally both analytical and competitive. So being able to use data to gain a competitive advantage is quite the endorphin pump for my brain. :)

2. What are the three most important metrics any online marketer should be playing close attention to when it comes to web analytics and why of course?

Revenue: Unless you’re a missionary, this should ultimately drive business decisions.

Share of voice: It’s the best way to measure how your voice is stacking up against your competitors.

Lifetime value: I’m a big proponent of using custom variables (now dimensions in Universal) to capture customer/member IDs. With that data, you can marry your analytics data to email, geographic, and lifetime spend for your customers. Customers who keep coming back should get the more royal of treatments.

3. And what about tools? What three tools should all online marketers be using to keep an eye on their analytics?

Google Analytics, Chartelligence to keep track of events that impact your traffic, and Analytics Canvas to build reporting dashboards and marry analytics data to other sources.

4. Google Analytics: What should everyone be doing that they probably aren’t?

Tracking campaigns. Correctly. I wrote this guide to help marketers. Right behind that, using Multi-Channel Funnels to measure marketing efforts. There’s no excuse to be using last-click attribution alone.

5. And what shouldn’t they be doing that they probably are?

Using a dashboard to monitor their most important key performance indicators.

6. Finally, is there any further advice you can give to any webmasters out there?

Either hire someone to do your analytics or learn everything you can. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Too many companies are flying blind (what their leaders call going on their gut instincts). The data is all there. Use it to drive your decision making. And don’t shoot the messenger if you hire an analyst! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to dodge bullets because the data didn’t tell the story a decision maker wanted to hear.

Again thanks to Annie for completing this quick analytical interview with us at Marketing Bees. If you do anything, then make sure you check out Annie’s list of essential tools for marketers. And of course, like most online, Annie uses Twitter so follow her here.

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