The Importance of Voice in your Auto-Responder Series

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Make no mistake about it, if you want to sell online, collecting emails by getting people to subscribe to your auto-responder series is one of the most effective ways to sell. In fact, compared to targeted search and social media advertising, email marketing blows away the competition. How can it not?

Are your Landing Pages HEROIC Enough?

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While classic psychoanalytic psychology usually doesn’t get mentioned too much in regards to modern marketing, there are certain principles that were present in earlier versions of psychoanalytic theory that still resonate when it comes to selling stuff online today.

How to Get Authority Page Ideas from Competitor’s Backlinks

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The great thing about the internet is that your competitions underwear is showing. Seriously, they think they might be hiding their website from you, they think they might be hiding their processes and practices from you. They better guess again. Thanks to a wide variety of tools and just the way the internet is put together it’s very easy to see what your competition is up to.

If you aren’t Building Authority, you are Wasting your Time

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Considering the amount of mutations Google has gone through these past several years, you cannot ignore the power of authority. In fact, if you are managing your online properties in any way that ignores or avoids dealing with the concept of authority, you are basically deluding yourself. In other words, your time is running out. The Internet is going towards a brand-based system. The cornerstone of a brand-based internet is authority. You have to wrap your mind around this concept now more than ever.

How to use your Competition’s Tweets Against them

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Did you know that you can use your competition’s Twitter tweets against them? Did you know that you can turn their tweets into money? Of course this is an indirect process, you have to do many other different things in the process. Still, by taking advantage of how human nature works, you can gain a competitive advantage against your competition. The hard reality is that as Google evolves and as the internet in general matures, the name of the game is all about authority.

Reverse Engineer your Competition’s Backlink Profile

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If you have been checking your Google rankings and you can’t seem to make any progress with your competition, maybe it’s time to start getting sneaky. Maybe it’s time to supplement your other link building initiatives with a clever and sneaky backlink campaign. Unlike your other backlink initiatives where you basically try to get new backlinks from new sources, reverse engineer your competition doesn’t involve a lot of guess work.

The How, What and Why of Quality Content Marketing

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Quality content. Something we all know is important but try and find a clear and concise definition of what quality is and you might find yourself hitting brick wall after brick wall. But don’t fret. Here’s a full break down on what a certain leading ‘figure’ online thinks and deems is quality content.

How to Use Broken Links to Build Backlinks

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Did you know that you can reverse engineer your competition so you can beat them? That’s right. By being a lit sneaky and by being much more clever than they are, you can beat them in the SEO game. SEO is a dog-eat-dog world, make no mistake about it. If you think your competition is not using tricks or pulling out all the stops to beat you in the rankings then you have another thing coming.

How to Build Social Authority on Twitter Without Bots

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Let’s face it, a significant share of Twitter’s total number of users are simply not real. This fact has a direct impact on Twitter as a stock buy. It also has a direct impact on people trying to use Twitter to build credibility with their target audience. Even though Twitter has its share of fake account problems, the truth remains that Twitter is a powerful platform for building influence with your target audience.