3 Tips to Maximizing your SEO Strategy Results

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When Google announced back in October that they were changing algorithms from their Panda update to the whole new Hummingbird algorithm, one of the biggest things they emphasized was the value they placed upon high-quality content for helping determine page and SERPS rankings. While they’ve mentioned it as a priority before, this time it seems as if they mean it.

So as you begin to plan your online marketing strategy for 2014 you need to take that into consideration and make it a priority.

And once you begin to analyze your SEO strategy for the upcoming year, you need to consider more than just what content you’re providing and to focus on making it high-quality, original content to make your pages more appealing to the spiders.  The best way to do this is to use these three common sense tips to enhance your strategy results and make your Internet Marketing strategy the highlight of your year.

Create Compelling Content

Create demand for your content, make the reader want to click or continue to read on.  Easy right?  Then why do so many online marketers ignore this one point? In order to do so, analyze the content you want to provide and focus on a particular niche to make your content more specific and helpful for the reader.  Use keyword research and listen to customer comments in order to provide content that the reader wants.  Create the demand.

Find Your Competitors Weak Points

Analyze your competitors and the type of content they’re providing and find gaps that you can fill.  By providing content that fills the gaps of competitors, and by listening to customers comments as mentioned above, you’ll become more original and relevant and that will help attract the attention of the spiders and improve your SERP ranks.

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Find similar companies, blogs and web pages and write comments and articles that can add value to their readers.  This will help you create back links back to your page and will help draw more readers to you and your site, provided that you’re offering quality comments and articles.  Give something of value that benefits the reader and you’ll help generate demand for more from you, which is an authentic way to drive eyes to your page.

If you utilize these three common sense tips, you’ll be able to draw more attention to your content, which in turn will help drive more traffic to your site.  These will help you improve your SERP rankings and by giving quality content that benefits the reader, you’ll develop more trustworthiness in their minds. While the end result is more visits, if you focus on providing high-quality content and filling in various holes that exist elsewhere and you’ll see the results you want.

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